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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Jackie Chan Guide

Marcus and I have been on a Jackie Chan fest all week. It's great entertainment! Jackie Chan does all the crazy stunts himself. (You can see the making of the stunts at the end of the movie. Some of the stunts look really risky--even deadly--and there are some images of bloody people, including Jackie, in stretchers. Would any life insurance company insure this guy?) Some other notable things (aka a guide to Jackie Chan movies heheh):

1. After watching 8 Jackie Chan movies or so, the actors begin to look really familiar.... Apparently Jackie hires the same people as supporting actors. In two police movies that have nothing to do with each other (Police Story and Supercop), both Jackie Chan's police chiefs and Jackie Chan's girlfriends are played by the same two people. Another fat Chinese actor stars in three movies (two of them local Hongkong movies, and the other one shot in Australia). Other smaller characters begin to look familiar after wathing the movies one after the other (the inmates in other movies play as his police colleagues in another movie), and in Gorgeous, a white guy with whom Jackie fights one-on-one makes a comeback as one of the anonymous goons in Mr. Nice Guy Maybe all these actors have a one-year contract with the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

2. They think of the worst and weirdest places to do martial arts: on snow without snowclothes, under water, hanging from a helicopter, over a circular saw (this one was totally crazy!!!) etc. Also, every new setting is an opportunity to use the materials as martial arts weapons: billiard cues, chairs, a metal ladder (really cool by the way--Jackie Chan jumps straight through the ladder steps feet first). Aside from the ladder trick, my other favorite is when Jackie Chan hangs from a bus window with an umbrella in Police Story. Unbelievable!

3. Closer to the Philippines: San Miguel Beer has ad placements in two of his movies. At first I thought it was only part of the scenery (a SanMig billboard was on top of a building in one movie), but in Mr. Nice Guy, the beer brand was there on a banner sponsoring Jackie's cooking show. Perhaps he likes San Miguel, who knows :-) Another regular sponsor (which has nothing to do with the Philippines) is Mitsubishi. In no less than three movies, Jackie drives Mitsubishi concept cars, even going on a race in one of them in this really really bad movie which has the equally bad title Thunderbolt (Please, don't watch this movie! Turkey!)

4. More about the Philippines: The movie Island of Fire about a prison conspiracy and inmate brutality is actually partly shot in the Philippines where "southeast Asia's biggest druglord" is supposed to be hiding (Heheh...) Here Jackie Chan plays an antagonist, as a convict sentenced to death. At first I thought the movie could have been shot in China somewhere, until the guy Jackie and the others had hostage blurted really fast: "Huwagmokongpapatayin!" It was really funny for me :-D What was realistic though, was that in that hostage situation, the Filipinos were talking in Filipino, the Chinese (including Jackie) were talking in Chinese, but to each other they spoke in broken English.

5. Oh by the way, as you probably guessed with Thunderbolt, not all Jackie Chan movies are about Hongkong police and martial arts, and unfortunately not all Jackie Chan movies are good either. Thunderbolt for example was quite a pointless racing movie. Here Jackie hardly used martial arts, instead he and his nemesis took it out on the racing track. Gorgeous had a kind of kiddie, cheesy telenovela feel to it; I didn't like it too much and in the end it was too cheesy to swallow. And in this other one called The Myth, Jackie Chan shifts roles between a modern-day archeologist and a Chin dynasty Chinese soldier complete with helmet and all. I guess Jackie Chan tries everything!


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