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Monday, January 25, 2010

Warning for icicles

Even when there are long and very cold winter seasons that gives thick layers of snow for weeks, you know that snow's not going to stay on forever. At one point, when the temperature just gets a few degrees warmer – even though it's still minus zero – the snow slowly, slowly, slowly melts in the sun.

Icicles. They form under the eaves, slowly growing by the day as the dripping water freezes in the air. The picture above was taken from our kitchen window.

Below, on ground level, this is the result:

That poor plant, carrying the weight of all that frozen water on its thin branches!

The kitchen window icicles were quite huge. Not surprising that the landlords put a warning by our door to watch out for falling icicles (istapp – a handy Swedish word if you want to know what to look out for!).

Not too long after I took those pictures, the landlords hired someone to chop the icicles away. Thicker than fingers, and surely longer than a forearm!

The istapp warnings are not to be taken lightly... I've got more pictures to convince you.

What do say about these giant icicles on a building of Marcus' old high school? That one he's looking at can almost be as long as Marcus is tall.

Here's another warning for icicles:

You see these a lot in this weather, especially on the south sides of buildings where the sun shines the longest...

... Not that the warnings can save you from the icicle you see when you look up:


That would be a terrible way to die.

Same building, on the west side. Ouch.

If you ask my humble opinion, they should chip that away, man!

Yet, as I found out when I looked out the kitchen window today, merely chipping the icicles away is not a guarantee that they won't grow back again. Slowly, but oh so surely, icicles grow back.

There's only one sure way to stop the icicles from forming, and that's to shovel the snow from the eaves.

Just make sure to watch out for those ice blocks.


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