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Friday, January 15, 2010

That bump, my nemesis

That small bump on the border of Mats and Margareta's yard, between their wood shed and the field where we ski, is my enemy!




... At least I'm learning how to get up faster!

Counting 2006, and maybe even 2009 skiing with Jeline, the scoreboard seems to be:

The evil bump: 5
Joy: 0

I have no smart ideas how to beat the undefeated champion, at least not right now. But one day...!

Those white things on my hair? They're not signs of age. It's my own frozen breath on my hair.

The bump aside , on flatter ground, the skiing was all good. This year's winter has been long, cold, and snow-covered. Instead of the usual winters where the snow melts to slush within in a week, we have had snow that stayed on the ground for a month or more (and it's still there).

If anything, the snow makes good winter photos... if your feet and hands can stand the cold.

With skis you float on the upper part of the 20-centimeter thick snow. It's much better and faster than walking on – or rather trudging in – the deep snow cover (Trivia I heard from the radio: the crunching sound you hear when walking on newly fallen snow are actually snow crystals rubbing against each other!)

With better skiing technique, you can even go on "third gear" when the landscape goes even slightly downhill.

The long and constant coldness have led to a bit of strange animal behavior. At the countryside, we spotted a deer sleeping by the outer wall of the house, probably seeking shelter from the cold winds (cold + wind = more cold!). Margareta thought of giving food to the poor thing, but just the sound of the door opening was enough to scare the animal away. So, not all things are fun with a cold, long winter.

I have more winter pictures to share, but I can wait with that until the weekend. For now, have fun wherever you are!


Anonymous sapphire said...

Tjooohooo! Good for you. Keep working at the skiing, you'll be a pro soon enough.

Or be a snow plower on skis.

2:11 PM


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