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Saturday, February 06, 2010

At last, a recap

Hello dear readers!

White winters can be beautiful, but it can also be so-so. The snow hasn't disappeared yet as I write and it has stayed on for nearly 2 months now. We also had a snowstorm. The layers of snow has caused car accidents, train delays, roofs caving in – heck, even walking puts you at a risk for slipping on ice, and taking dogs out for walks put them at risk of freezing their feet!

The lasting snow has also given us lasting cold, as you can probably imagine. Last Sunday, Linköping broke a 1941 record when temperatures dropped to -28.9 degrees. And in January, Norrköping had 21 straight days under zero degrees, breaking a record from the 1980s. It's definitely one cold, long winter season, and although we can agree that it's pretty, I'm sure many are longing for the spring to come. Hopefully, the drains can stand all that melting snow by then.

Moving on.

During this long, cold winter season, we moved apartments. Yes. Again. It's a smaller, more modern and smartly layouted place which saves us from paying for all the dead space of the previous apartment. We have a glass-ceramic stove, full sized freezer and refrigerator, our own washer and tumbler in the washroom, enough storage, plus fresh wallpapers of the color of our choice, a tiled balcony, and perfectly functioning radiators – all for a price cheaper than our old rent. To top it all off, this new place is 4 minutes away from work. Moving in the dead of winter was all worth it, even though, sadly, most of our plants were damaged by the cold on their way here. I'm counting on their recovery.

Also, like I told you guys before, I continued swimming classes. We had a surprise test last Thursday – the kind 5th graders usually take to see their ability to swim, which was to swim 200 meters on breaststroke, without rest. The swimming association declares one "officially" able to swim after this. Or at least, passing the test raises your chances of surviving in water. After that, we were asked to tread water a bit and resumed with a second 200-meter test of which 50 meters had to be backstroke, the so-called Vattenprovet ("Water test"). I don't think I've swam that long on any swimming class. And okay, it's not really a big deal if 5th graders are expected to do this kind of thing, but for someone me who had been deathly afraid of deep water until recently, swimming 400 meters is a miracle! (Although it helps with strong legs and good cardio!) I'm proud. And most of all, I'm having fun.

On Wednesday, we finally get to escape some winter again, as we go for 2 weeks to the Philippines. It's going to be a short, hectic stay, but I'm really looking forward to it...Whee! So, watch out because the next entries could be written from there. We might even be jogging down there. It's been impossible to do that here with all this snow, and I haven't given up on running yet.

Until next time!


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