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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I think about after Waffle Day

Every March 25, coinciding with the Feast of the Annunciation (vårfrudagen) is the more secular, almost-namesake Swedish feast, Waffle Day (våffeldagen). The emergence of Waffle Day came supposedly by mistake. Vårfru (virgin) became confused for våffel (waffle), which was served on feast days. And to make the long story short, it resulted in that one day in the year where waffle mixes and waffle irons disappear from store shelves into the arms of customers who think of nothing but eating waffles for lunch or dinner. Waffles and pancakes here are – it may surprise you – anything but breakfast items.

You bet I've been thinking about eating waffles all week long. I was thinking about it when I read ads for cheap waffle irons; I was thinking about it when I passed the local café specializing in waffles; I was thinking about it when we gave a waffle iron to a colleague as a bridal gift this week. Waffles were on my mind on Waffle Day, and even after Waffle Day passed three days ago, when I was contemplating on my waffle-lessness. I thought: I must eat waffles! I want a waffle maker!

Marcus was on my side on this one too, and we decided to buy a waffle iron today totally on impulse (or was it?) as we were taking a walk. As I've always tried to remind myself, it's dangerous to go walking, exercising, or shopping while hungry: you think about all possible things to eat, most of which aren't exactly the healthiest. But our stomachs won over our brains yet again. Thank goodness the waffle maker was indeed cheap. It was a no-brander that cost 175 kronor, so we threw not less than three waffle mix packages in the bag, overoptimistic that we'd be eating waffles several times in the next month. I felt so happy I was skipping.

... Later, after dinner ...

... And after gobbling up four waffles each topped with cream and cloudberry jam, I must admit that there are really drawbacks to overdoing things. I'm just up to my throat with waffles right now I can't even think about waffles anymore. Just making that picture above was hard (Plus, that's probably exactly how I look like right now, which doesn't help!). What's more, we've only just consumed two-thirds of one waffle mix package, out of the three we bought. Uh-oh! Good thing those pre-fab powders last a year. Because now I'm thinking, I don't want to eat waffles again for a loooong time, man! No wonder there's only one Waffle Day in a year.


Blogger iamvix said...

hi joy! unrelated to waffles.... my friend maan got geline's dog sophie today. thank you daw sabi ni maan. :))

5:17 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Cheryl! Oo nga, Jeline told me in FB. I'm glad she found a dog, and I'm glad the dog found a new home. Cute pa yung name: Sophie!

7:31 PM

Anonymous sapphire said...

i'm tired of swedish waffles and now want belgium waffles. hahaha.

7:03 PM

Blogger The Becky said...

ahoj from Singapore! stumbled upon this blog sometime before, stumbled upon it again (fated!). :) im rica, and I will be working on a project on Filipinos in Sweden (tba). can you be one of my contacts? :)

10:29 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej The Becky! Depends... what's it going to be about?

4:44 PM

Blogger The Becky said...

Oh! nagreply ka pala sa message ko. :D yay!
It's about life in Sweden (for a Filipino) in general, and some questions on support groups. Can we discuss this in private? hehe. Been meaning to email you, but cant find your addy. :) hmm, panu ba? email me nalang? hehe

8:26 AM


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