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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food journal number 54: sweet Finnish buns

I would have never tried the recipe for these sämpylä if I hadn't tasted them up in Ljusdal. It requires lots of bread syrup and butter, but that's the charm: you don't need any jam. For sandwich fillings, non-sweet things are probably best, like ham or even cream cheese. But they can be eaten with just butter on and they're surprisingly tasty just as they are. I made them according to Jaakko's revised recipe, so I'll just link you to Lara's blog for the instuctions and give credit where it's due:

They're super-easy to make. I didn't form the buns with my hands though, but used two spatulas to form the dough into a log and to cut it into roundish pieces, as I do when baking Gull-Britt's health bread. The dough really isn't meant to be firm (it should just feel like manipulable glob) and is too sticky to handle with bare hands without making a mess, but silicone spatulas seem to do the trick!

L & J: Can you send me the "original" recipe from Jaakko's sister too? I was Googling for sämpylä but all the hits were in Finnish, of course!


Anonymous Lara said...

joy, your buns look good!

actually that was the recipe that jossu gave, except that she used the sämpylä flour (which we dont have here in sweden) and didn't include muesli. she said it's not her recipe, but rather mom's.

we're gonna get those cupcake molds today so i dont have to use my hands anymore.

10:40 AM


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