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Friday, August 07, 2009

Food journal number 55: yet another pie (it's blueberry)

I'm pretty proud of this food photo. The lighting that afternoon was perfect and the shapes and textures on the white plate just feels right. I'm pretty damn proud of that pie too, because I did everything myself, including picking the berries. Okay, that's everything short of harvesting and processing the wheat and sugar beets for the flour and sugar, and raising the chicken for the egg. I didn't make the baking powder either, but you get the picture. The blueberries though, the star of the show, are as I said self-picked. And as you can see, the little things are just beautiful.

There's a cool feeling using ingredients you pick or grow yourself. (I'm also growing some jalapeño peppers on the kitchen sill, by the way. They've just sprouted. Watch out for it in a few months!) If you haven't read it yet, I refer you to my entry on my blueberry-plucking experience. I suffered too many mosquito bites in my hand that it swelled up for three days as if I had water retention. But it was worth it for the pie and the many bags of blueberries in the freezer.

The recipe is again from Annas pajer. There's no pre-baking required for the dough which makes this one of the easiest dessert pies I know of. For cup-measurement users, you'll have to look up the cup conversions yourself this time. There are conversion sites on the net you can use. A deciliter is a little less than half a cup though, although I don't think it's very important just for this recipe to be so precise.

This must be my favorite pie evah!

Oh, and I know this is the nth pastry recipe I've posted this summer. Trust me, I'm trying to eat low GI the other half of the time to make up for it, but sweets really are my weak spot. Don't worry – I'm working on it!

Blueberry pie

3 deciliters flour
1/4 t baking powder
1 dl sugar
100 g butter
1 medium-sized egg

4 deciliters blueberries (or any other kind of berry). Frozen will do if slightly defrosted.
1 t vanilla sugar or vanilla extract
1/2 dl sugar
1 T potato flour * the potato flour is nescessary to absorb the extra moisture from the berries. I didn't have this, so I substituted corn starch, which works pretty well if you freeze the pie for 5 minutes after it has cooled completely.

1. Start with the dough. Measure the dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut the butter into thin slices work the butter into the mixture with your fingers until the flour mixture resembles bread crumbs. Make a pit in the middle of the mixture for the egg, and mix the whole thing together with a spatula until a smooth dough is formed. For the last bit, use your hands to knead.

2. Save a third of the dough for later. Use the rest to line a pie form ca. 22 cm in diameter, pressing the edges to the form with a fork.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the berries with the vanilla sugar and potato flour (or corn starch, in my case). Pour the berries into the form and top with sugar.

4. The remainder of the dough should be rolled using a rolling pin and cut into thin strips to lay criss-cross on the berries (any design of your preference will do, like stars using a cookie cutter for the Christmas season)

5. Bake in a preheated oven at 175 C for ca. 30 minutes. For the last minutes, increase the temperature to 200 C if the dough seems colorless.

6. Let cool completely before flash-freezing in the freezer for 5 minutes without cover. If desired, decorate with sifted confectioner's sugar (which is actually fine sugar mixed with – guess what – corn starch. Corn starch goes a long way; don't ever underestimate it.)

Slice the cake, eat, repeat!

...and if you're like me, lick the plate clean.

P.S. Published in absentia. I will just have arrived in Göteborg central station Friday morning when this blog is automatically published online. The great wonder of automation! See you again sometime next week when I return.


Blogger meowok said...

Pansin ko na every other blog post of yours seems to be about sweets. Hehe... ;)

4:52 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Pansin ko nga din eh... I better eat less sweets! :-P

9:15 PM

Blogger meowok said...

Not that I'm complaining. Well, yeah, I'm complaining pala cos your pictures make me hungry. :D

8:33 AM


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