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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exercise, semlor are here!

No, the lenten season isn't actually very near, but it is where bakers around Sweden is concerned. The last of the New Year's dust hardly has time to settle before the lenten "fasting buns" are sold all over the country. Supposedly eaten on Mardi Gras before the long period of religious fasting, they're in bakeries by mid-January and selling like – don't mind the pun – hotcakes. When we went to the bakery today, the lady at the counter apologetically explained that they just ran out of regular sized-buns. And when we settled for a family-sized bun (about 4 times the size of a regular), it seemed that we weren't the last customers going in there looking for the very-in-demand semla (pl. semlor) desserts. If this trend continues, the buns should be called by their proper name: the "fattening bun" instead of the "fasting bun".

I'm convinced that there's no dessert as dangerous to your midsection than dollops of cream and almond paste sandwiched between two (in our case) plate-sized cardamom breads.

But oh my, is it good. Indulge now, repent later!

I have to be absolved from my sins of gluttony. And for my secular version of penitence, there's no other way but to start exercising. Sadly, since getting a job and moving to an apartment farther from the gym, I've gained some weight. My exercise had been cut down from to one measly time a week (I missed a couple of innebandy sessions), and sitting in front of the computer most days isn't helping. Besides, with fruit provision at work and our new big kitchen, I think I'm actually eating a lot more.

I'm thinking of coming up with a 4-day a week exercise plan that I can fit into my schedule, and I'm even thinking of possibly influencing my colleages to exercise with me. We have different levels of fitness and different personal goals – what could be a good group training for us?

African-inspired dance?


Jogging after work?

Any ideas? Remember, it should be big-time calorie-burning.

I need your ideas because I really feel guilty for eating that semla. Kind of.

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Blogger meowok said...


Hello, thanks for linking up Furry Aficionada. Will link you up in my other blog, as well. :D

10:47 AM

Blogger aka Cheryl said...

i've been walking our dog daily, plus some exercises for my flabby arms :( they're not enough, i'm sure. so i'm waiting for replies to this! hehehe. ano ba, you've been cycling, running, doing that hockey-like indoor game... ano pa ba kailangan mo?

1:45 PM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

Horseback riding is great for your midsection. As well as your lower back and inner thighs. It's expensive but oh so fun! :-)

That said, African dance would be great for blogging material!!

12:05 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej guys!

Meowok: Whee, another blog to browse through! :-) You look so different now than the last time I saw you (which is what Lea said too when you had a reunion). You look good though, and kind of anime-ish! Hehe!

Cheryl: I don't do all those together in one week, and right now I'd be lucky if I do any of those activities two times a week! If I weren't a volunteer worker at the gym, I don't think I'd even be doing my once-a-week exercise! I hope this is not a case of sinking motivation. I AM game, I just don't know when I should do what!

Esther: Wow, I never thought about horseback-riding as a type of exercise. Problem is... I've never ridden a horse before, ever in my life. How much does it cost approximately, do you pay by the hour? I've had so many friends saying that African dance is actually quite good! Let's see how I survive with my lack of coordination! As you say, it's still going to be a good blogging opportunity!

7:44 PM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

Most riding schools have beginner classes for grown-ups, often in the afternoons, so starting out for the first time shouldn't be a problem. As for pricing, I know it's fairly expensive, my guess would be between 100-200kr per occasion, being the cheapest when you sign in for a season. It's great fun though, and the if you go to a good riding school, chances are you get to try out a lot of different things. I go for jumping if I lived in Sweden and didn't have access to the Nigerien bush!

3:37 PM

Blogger meowok said...

Kinda anime-ish? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :p

Yeah, I put on a lot of pounds after we stopped with the Kendo and I also stopped going to the gym. :( Busy work sched kasi...

8:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks SO good!!

12:04 AM


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