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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is here

I guess it's time to bring down the winter clothes from the attic again. Skirt season is ending, thin jackets are becoming useless. Soon we'll even have to jog with thermals on. It's time to fill up with vitamin-rich food to prevent having colds and it's time to wake up to rapidly darkening mornings. But autumn is a beautiful season. Ripe apples fall from their branches and mushrooms sprout alongside every forest path. Leaves turn into amazing shades of caramel and red before falling to the ground. Nature is anticipating something.


Anonymous Lara said...

oh the signs of fall...i caught the flu last week. twas awful. now it has gone down to just plain colds. everyone here has it!

oh and the trees look their prettiest at this time of year, indeed!

4:57 PM

Blogger Debbie said...

I'm from the southern US and here in Georgia we are still having temperatures approaching the 90s. I was delighted to learn the morning temperature tomorrow would be around 66.

It fascinates me how different the weather is from area to area.

I do love the fall, but I can't say I'm quite ready for really cold weather. Not yet anyway.

7:48 PM

Anonymous Kimberly said...

That's a gorgeous picture! I'm definitely watching the season change here in Stockholm... I need to go buy a new scarf...

4:51 PM


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