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Monday, December 17, 2007

SAS, class of autumn 2007

No, it doesn't stand for Scandinavian Airlines, nor the British Special Air Service, but svenska som andraspråk (Swedish as a second language), the course which we finish this week. Sadly, not all of us in class are graduating (SAS-studies can take anything between 1 to 3 terms, depending on one's choice). Some will stay in school for at least half a year more, some will more forward to "high school Swedish" (me included), some will continue with other studies while some have found work. So together we all celebrated our avslutning today – a word that, in the translation, means "breaking-up day".

I took the class photo:

Right to left, top row: Rahim, Elena, Anastasia (all from Russia), Nasser (UAE), Vivi Anne (homeroom teacher), Arthur, Natalya, Heidi (all from Russia), Kirsten (USA), Farida (Afghanistan), Kahe (Liberia), Yasmina (Tunisia). Bottom row: Pabla (Chile), Olga (Russia), Ximena (Chile), Sehida (Montenegro), Ting (China), Sandra (Chile), and yours truly. Not in the picture are: Monir and Parwis (both from Afghanistan), James (Scotland), Mahtab and Sheida (both from Iran)

We'll be going to Stockholm tomorrow for our final school trip (with a heavily discounted group fare that saved each of us at least 650 kronor). We will visit museums, eat lunch together and just hang out before everyone leaves for the holidays and move on with what's waiting for them in the coming year. (More about the Stockholm trip when I come back; I'm planning to visit the Historical Museum and ogle at their permanent display on vikings).

Glad that I am that I passed the SAS course, I can't say I'm relieved now that it's over. For one thing, I'll be doing more of the same thing by January, in the continuation class svenska A (a.k.a SAS A). For another, I think I've gotten so used to seeing the same people everyday for 20 weeks that going through another "getting to know you" phase in a new class seems like... well, starting over from square one socially. That said, I'm of course personally happy to have this course behind me now, and I learned so surprisingly much in a few months (as in by leaps and bounds!) that even I don't know how I was able to do it. Starting a more advanced course also sounds like a big step forward, and in that way, I'm excited to start with the next course.


After the class fika (i.e. meryenda) – where I probably ate the day's worth of calories in cakes and pastry – it was time again for another get-together, this time with Karin and Per with whom we usually have a Christmas meal with before we go our separate ways for the break.

We tried this newly opened place called Bagarstugan – literally "Baker's hut" – at this (again) newly opened mall called Knäppingsborg, actually just down the street from here.

(a candid shot from the café, as the staff was giving me the change. Heheh.)

Knäppingsborg is the high-end mall here, ironically earning it's exclusive air by looking traditional and country. The stores occupy old 17th century buildings that used to house Norrköping's snuff factories. Now, the whole complex feels like a little village where one can buy high-end things, as well as fresh wares like fish, cheese, veggies and newly baked pastries. It's a kind of counterculture to the commercialism of the Norrköping City mall, but instead of housing youthful trends they instead have "established-people trends" like slow food and fine design. I guess you can't escape consumerism in one form or another, not to mention when it's around Christmas time. But sure, I enjoy the few times when I'm a consumer myself... Besides, what's life without enjoying a Danish or two – or in my case, a bacon and chicken sandwich? (Oh yeah, thanks SAS classmates, there was so much leftover pastry that we have fika here for days to come!)


Anonymous chip said...

congratulations mate!

3:42 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Thanks Chip! Too bad it can't be the masters I'm graduating from... but soon, soon! :-)

11:24 AM


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