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Monday, November 26, 2007

4:45 PM, a sunset photo.

We talked about how such an ugly thing like pollution can cause a beautiful scene to come to existence. So I heard, there are red sunsets not caused by pollution too (like in high pressure areas?). I wonder though, if cavemen ever looked out of their caves to a sky like this.


Blogger pj said...

joy! :) dropping a line.

and about the red sunsets--in the days before pollution (i guess at the very least 25 years ago) a red sunset in our part of the world meant rain the next day. it sometimes holds true til today. :) haha. i am really a font of trivia.

6:57 PM

Anonymous Liz said...

"Evening red and morning gray,
set the traveler on his way.
Evening gray and morning red,
pour down rain upon his head."

I read these lines somewhere quite a few years back and decided to commit it to memory. Completely the opposite of PJ's trivia, but I think mine was rather accurate in forecasting tomorrow's weather conditions....

7:17 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hi Liz and PJ!

Intriguing comments! So I decided to take a look at it on Google... In summary, I found this:

- Usually (as in Liz' rhyme), red sky in the morning means that a storm system is passing from west to east, bringing rain. A red sunset meant high pressure and stable air coming from the west, which forecasts good weather.

- Having said that, the rhyme only works "ideally" in latitudes between 30-60 degrees, where winds do go eastwardly. From 30 to -30 (The Phils being somewhere at 14ish), winds blow westwardly.

- But then again, I don't know what actual differences that might make with the rhyme and the prediction, though according to this site and this one, it might actually mean that the prediction in other latitudes can be the opposite.

So perhaps you are both right after all. But don't rely on me on this debate, I'm no meteorologist!

11:47 PM


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