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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What do Vikings and YouTubers have in common?

I still get raised eyebrows when I tell people that we don't own a TV. Chances are that a lot of them think this makes our lives pretty boring (plus the fact that both Marcus and I are still in school). What do we do during our spare time? Do we sit around the apartment twiddling our thumbs while staring at a blank wall? Do we have spare time at all? As another TV-less friend said, "we definitely belong to the minority," which makes it easy to become misunderstood.

Actually the absence of a TV here is not because of some rustic hippie anti-consumerist belief. In fact, the reason is as dull as: we just don't want pay TV tax. Or rather, (1) we don't want to pay TV tax (2) for receiving signals to shows 80% of which we're sure not to watch. Besides, thanks to the internet, a lot of the interesting shows come free :-) Too bad one can't channel surf really, but if you have a topic in mind you'd like to watch a show about, you'll find that there are actually a lot of pretty good documentaries online (both legal and uh, "shared"!) On one of the times that I actually sat down to watch a whole series over YouTube, it was even about something as "Scandinavian" as the vikings!

Yes, the vikings were pirates, and so are the YouTubers.

(No, it's not Aragorn)

I was unsure if it was "okay" to embed the series into the blog, so instead here's a link to part 1, chunk 1 of "Blood of the Vikings", a BBC documentary that we found really interesting! It's one part historical documentary on whether the brutal viking stories hold water, how the vikings built boats, what they did on the islands they traveled to and how their remains became discovered. It's another part genetic investigation on how many people in the British isles today actually descended from vikings, by comparing the y-chromosomes of Norwegian and English volunteers. "Bloody" interesting (insert viking roar here)! Highly recommended for Discovery Channel (or similar) documentary enthusiasts who have nothing against watching a series over a small YouTube screen.

Besides, it's on vikings, which is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Sweden. The Swedish vikings, however, do not figure all that much into this documentary as the Danish and Norwegian vikings. The latter were the ones that traveled to England (and so were the vikings of interest to BBC's genetic investigation). Swedish vikings, apparently, spread eastwards towards Russia and Byzantium.

The rest of Blood of the Vikings part 1 called "First Blood", Part 2 "Invasion", Part 3 "The Sea Road", Part 4 "The Rulers", and part 5 "Last Vikings" are also in YouTube, in several chunks which you need to find for and click on yourself (because they're not in numerical order). Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vikings! Hardiharhar! Wait, ganun ba sila tumawa? HAHAHA!

8:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

naku! swerto mo nde ka slave ng telly tulad ko. and as if the regular channels were not enough, sambo and me got canal plus and 8 other channels (large paket ngayon kasi promo eh, pero we are going to change it to 8 favoriter after 3 months).....

and is if these weren't enough, i have to devote 1 hour each day to watch abs-cbn now! agggghhhh! mukhang tv at pc monitor na mukha ko!

pano ba i-rehab ang state ko?


11:09 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Camillo: (bending arms up and down) Hardiharhar! Panoorin mo, may sample viking laugh dun (in one of the chunks anyway, I forgot which one). Nakakatawa actually kasi naka-costume pa sila.

Ria: Hindi mo naman kelangan ng rehab if you're happy (and as long as TV dosn't take the time off doing other important things). What's frustrating about TV is that sometimes there are just so many good stuff that you can't leave it, OR that there are no good stuff but you're still looking at it out of boredom (that's from personal experience when we had cable in the Philippines. Suddenly, even the Indian channels seem interesting when you just have nothing else to do!) :=P

11:51 AM

Blogger Carlo said...

I rarely watch TV these days but occasionally I'd catch this show called Brainiac: Science Abuse on local TV where people perform bizarre experiments and blow caravans up for kicks.

9:05 AM


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