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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Food journal number 27: the gourmands of the Caribbean

"Sail your way to Christmas' most appreciated buffet"

Once again, I've made a reputation for my myself with my humongous appetite. After three plate-fulls of food, a beer, schnapps, three rounds of desserts and finally tea, I was just about ready to burst – thankfully discovering that all I needed to do was burp. Now I understand why people eat a julbord only once per year. This is also why, if you're going to one, you better make sure that the food is so good that you really can eat to your heart's – and belly's – content. If your belly is anything like mine, that translates to a lot, but of course, one can't help eating a lot if there's a lot of good food...

And good food is what they had at Rimforsa Strand's julbord, which we visited for the second season in a row now. The now familiar-sounding Caribbean food which we enjoyed so much the past year were a joy to taste a second time. It felt a bit like going to a friend's party and looking forward to being served the homemade specialty. Some dishes, I even thought, were better the second time around, like the shrimp salad – it tasted of real mayonnaise and the salad greens were nice and crispy – and the beef in chocolate and chili sauce, which was easier to the palate this year. However, I missed the fried rice with tilapia (which I remember so well because it tastes like home) and also found myself wishing for more rambutan, mangoes and papayas (which they replaced this year with pomegranate and guava). In fairness though, the new shrimp curry dish they had this year was delicious, and they scrapped out the Coconut sugar tablets which I remembered to be the one of the strangest desserts I've ever had.

I think the best part of eating a julbord though, is the ambience and the company. I don't only mean that I'm "at home" enough to let down my hair and not be shy with portions (though that's part of the eat-all-you-can thing; anyone on a diet here is fooling himself). The julbord has become a tradition similar to the noche buena, where all are amazed that 365 days have flown so fast, where all recall the happenings of the year and daydream about the years to come, celebrating with food and toasting to that with beer.


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