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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Biking update

This is a picture of a railway bridge which we biked beside the other day. We stopped to watch the train pass by, really cool.

I believe (which means it may not be objectively so) that I'm making good progress with the bike--considering that I've never ever biked before until last summer. We have been biking almost every other day for two weeks now, and suddenly the distances are so much shorter. I actually look forward to the bike trips now, and that it's a bit rainy these days really ups the challenge for me. I need more confidence biking in traffic though, and biking downhill (not to mention biking alone in these circumstances), but I think I can control the bike much better now. Our next project is to "pimp our bikes" i.e. to buy better bike saddles and bike baskets so we can travel longer distances and so we can put the groceries on the bike instead of on our backs. Will write about this when we get the purchaces this week. Whee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sayang hindi ko ma-demo sa iyo ang make-up trick na natutunan ko called Five Minute Face, fast but beautiful make-up.

Invest on a good foundation. Dual foundation and bilin mo para concealer na rin siya.

12:16 AM

Anonymous sigrid anna said...

Hi Joy (and MArcus:) I dont get what the comment above is all about, but you should not bike in rainy weather wearing make up. Anyway, your blog is very nice and I will of course watch your progress in Sweden. Seems like you are having a good time. Kanelbullar och saadar (thai keyboard). Enjoy!

5:56 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej Sigrid! That was my friend Camillo giving me some "Joy update" tips, as I rarely use make-up :-) Hi Camillo!

8:56 PM


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