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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Glad påsk, med bilder

In English: Happy Easter, with pictures!

Easter! That magical time in spring when flowers bloom again.

I recently listened to a radio program where an astronomer explained the symbolic references in this mystical astronomical date, the first full moon after spring equinox. In the northern hemisphere, not only do flowers and birds come back again after the long winter. Something about the moon's cycle — its growth from a sliver, to its waning into darkness, growing back to a full moon — echoed with Christian (and indeed pre-Christian) mythology about new life. Incidentally, before heated coops, hens started laying eggs again at this time of the year after the long winter. They are triggered by the increased heat and sunlight. In a time of growth and fertility and when the hope for a new summer emerges, it's a wonder sometimes why the Catholics chose to focus on suffering and penitence. I am probably, like the pre-Christians, a hedon in this respect.

Anyhow, it snowed last Friday. We have about 6 centimeters of new snow out here in the countryside, and as I write, it is -6 degrees Celsius. That's how it is in spring: the birds, the flowers and the light are back, and it's easy to forget that winter was just around the corner somewhere. We are moving towards more light and more warmth, however.

Here is a creature who hasn't moved out of his 18-hour-a-day hibernation yet. While watching Kricke nap, I almost had the urge to bug this poor cat (it's very tempting!). Instead, I took a picture of him sleeping with this foot stretched in front of his face. Bet you can't do that (or want to?)!

And here I am, playing with my shadow. It opens a door.

This 6-year old S2IS camera isn't so bad. I hope it lasts at least 6 years more.

Happy Easter, wherever you are!


Anonymous Lara said...

Glad påsk Joy! -- from us here in the north :)

8:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joy!


9:59 PM


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