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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tenting: the great indoors

Thanks to a sunny week, the nights are now at plus-degrees. Summer looks like it's finally around the corner (though this is deceiving; the winds are chilly!) What could be more inspiring to start the outdoor life? So, dreaming of future car tours, bike tours and campings, we lugged our tent from the city to the countryside and had a real night out in nature.

Our packing list?
1 flashlight
1 thermos of tea
1 half-liter water bottle
2 down blankets
2 pillows
1 4-inch thick mattress
5 National Geographic magazines (for inspiration)

... After all, "outdoors" was just in Mats' and Margareta's backyard. :-) Ah, finally, a "camping site" with real showers, hot water, a toilet and decent meals! Haha!

I know... Aside from the 4-inch mattress, it was a cheat having an electric light in the yard and having the electric fence to keep wild animals from eating up the garden. "Safety and security" (not to mention comfort) in the way we city-people think of it seem like big things to ask for out in "real" animal territory, so we settled for something where we had the best of both worlds.

But the animals were there, somewhere around us. Late at night, you could hear distant sounds coming from the forest. It sounded like something between a melancholic cow moo and an elephant trumpet sound, in stereo, as if two animals were trying to look for each other. There were other small clicking sounds that seemed to come from nearby. And, as early as 3 in the morning, we could already hear the enthusiastic chirping of busy birds looking to make the most of the spring. Nature doesn't sleep.

But we did, really well. And we had a good breakfast too :-)

Tenting: the great indoors!


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