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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two good excuses for not blogging the whole month

Mom, and Dad.

After a whole month of Swedish adventures and experiences, they will fly to Germany on Tuesday morning. In Plankstadt, they'll be with my sister's family until mid-July, before leaving again for Metro Manila — their home sweet home, halfway around the world.

The month felt long, but strangely — as their departure date nears — also short in some respects. There's always something you can think of doing before it's time to pack your bags.

Yet, the month was far from uneventful. Among the happenings these past weeks were the most memorable ones in my (our) life: the day we got wed; a reuinion with my highschool friend Kristine; long car trips in an old SAAB. There were also tiring days; but on the whole, the month has been rather good to us.

The month has not only been good to mom and dad, but also good for them. Through their daily walks and our excursions, we also saw mom greatly improve from hardly climbing to the top of stairs, to insisting on jogging uphills — not to mention going up and down steep ladder steps in a submarine and walking up a steep pass in Ågelsjön, 171 meters over sea level at the highest point. Her "Swedish fitness program" culminated in a 15.6-kilometer trip around the lake Nedre Glottern — and she felt well the next day! Dad — the boy scout at heart who once said he'd want to live in the wilderness of Alaska if he were to do something so unthinkable as to leave the Philippines — was in wonder of all the new plants he saw around him. It was fun to see his curiosity about species (even though we couldn't answer all his questions) and see the look in his face when he heard the Aspen trees rustle at the sound of the wind for the first time. Recalling our adventures at the end of the day over beer and some whisky will always be memorable — as is mom taking a liking to drinking Martini and snaps!

I feel happy to see that Sweden has grown in them, just as this beautiful country — cold as it may be when we complain in the winters — has definitely grown on me.


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Blogger Leplume said...

Lilly! What a wonderful way to spend a month. I hope that when I am living in Sweden, someday, my family will come to see me there and I can show them all the great things in Sweden! I'm sure having your parents leave is hard but so happy you got to spend such wonderful time with them!

3:22 AM


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