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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Glass Jar Tree, a.k.a. Into the Wardrobe part 2

An accidental passerby to the last blog entry "Into the Wardrobe" commented that I should have posted more pictures. Oh boy, reader demands! I hear you though, and I was meaning to post more pictures anyway, along with a story. As in frozen Narnia, the heroes observe something peculiar but interesting in Norrköping. They're not frozen fictitious animals though, and there was no Witch offering Turkish delights.

This story takes place during one of our walks, on a clear sunny day. The snow had newly fallen; the snow is dry and crisp on the ground and it crunches when you walk on it. The snow keeps cold, but the sun warmed our exposed faces.

On this day, we decide to walk around Himmelstalund field, a recreation area quite near here. In the summers, people play rugby and football there. Many sunbathe there on summer mornings and grill with their friends on summer nights. It also lures campers and tourists. The field, you see, though near the city center, had remained open despite decades of construction for one reason: a flat rock ridden with Bronze age rock carvings, smack in the middle of the field. The rugby players and sunbathers go on with their activities there, perhaps more or less aware that people 3,000 years ago have also been playing and camping right where stand. Perhaps there is a chance that they might have descended from them? The Bronze Agers, anyhow, would probably not recognize the field as it were today. According to scientists, they lived in a different, much warmer Sweden. The landscape might have no doubt looked much different; who knows if the trees and plants they knew exist in Himmelstalund today?

On this day, however, there were no rugby players, sunbathers, or tourists to the rock carvings. Neither was it warm. It was just us there, a couple of skiiers, and a foot and a half of snow.

I noticed something glimmering in the sun, just about where the rock carvings should have been. As we walked near it (which required some effortful walking on the thick snow), we realized that the gleaming things were glass jars, hanging from a tree!

Is it street art, like the knitted "lamp post warmers" which I blogged about two years ago? Whoever did it obviously put some thinking into how to hang the jars. No doubt the artist would have needed a ladder! I bet it felt a bit like decorating a Christmas tree.

Like the lamp post warmers making regular lamposts noticable, the odd jars hanging about made this tree worth walking to. It suddenly made that tree stand out from the rest, or at least tickle curiosity. It also has a name for me now: The Glass Jar Tree.

Perhaps it grows pickles, marmalade and mayonnaise?

The end.


Blogger iamvix said...

could it be they're sunjars? or regular glass jar lang talaga? :D

2:38 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

No, they were definitely pickle /jam bottles! :-)

3:49 PM

Blogger Amy B. said...

ha ha ha , your pics are so cute , looks like two eskimos in winterland. i like it !

1:18 PM


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