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Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Swedish camping classic at home

We have been having summer warmth here for about a week now, and I tell you it is crazy HOT out here. The nights are almost tropical, and yesterday – the hottest day yet this season – temperatures peaked at about 31 degrees C. I actually woke up from my outdoor siesta panicking from the warmth. I can't imagine how hot it must be down in central Europe right now. How are you, mom and dad?

Anyway, this is just a short entry on the topic of warmth, and eating sweet stuff (which kind of go together for me).

This is an oven-made version of a classic camping dessert that's supposed to be prepared on a campfire grill. Maybe it's the only kind of banana dessert that Marcus would eat (he's not a fan of bananas), and it was a great way of getting rid of leftover baking chocolate that we had lying in our refrigerator.

As all camping food, it's pretty straightforward: Bananas sliced lengthwise, chocolate pushed in the banana halves, marshmallows (if you have it) put on top. It all goes into the hot oven in a dish, until the marshmallows get some color, and voila – instant dessert! (I thought the McFlurry Meringue Swiss tasted familiar! It tastes a bit like this, actually. If only we had ice cream to top that off!).

The leftover baking chocolate came from our wedding cakes last month. We had a couple of homemade Black Forest cakes and some chocolate fudge cakes then – Just inserting that little info here since a guest asked for a recipe of the fudge cake and I forgot what the blog entry was called just then. Just click away!

And that's the end of the short entry. Too much warmth makes it so hard to concentrate!


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