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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Canaries, Christmas and cats

Hej och god fortsättning! As I write this, it's still Christmas day in Sweden. We came back to this quiet, dark and snowy land this afternoon – it's such a change from the climate I've been exposed to all week. In the plane, as we stowed away our straw hats and sunglasses in canvas bags, out came our down vests and thick fur hats. Donning them was like a mental preparation to come home; our bodies, however, could take more time getting used to these cold surroundings we choose to live in.

I didn't feel for a thorough entry right now so here are just some cat pictures from our trip. We saw lots of cats in the island, many of them seemed unafraid of humans. Maybe it's the fishing industry that lures them out of their homes and into the town streets. Anyway, these may not the best pictures to show island life with; but don't worry, there's time for that later! I did put down where in the island I saw the cats, though!

White spot and chipped ear, Puerto de Mogán

Cat sleeping under tree, Arguineguin

The sign reads "Port fishing", Puerto Rico

Hmmm. I realize the titles sound like something out of a haiku. The weird thing is, I even tend to speak like that sometimes when I try to point something out in a hurry ("Hey look, the sun shining spots under the trees!"). Here's another one:

Black cat lounging in pearls shop. Puerto de Mogán

I don't even think that cat belonged to the owner of the store. It was raining a bit, so the cat decided to go in the store and lie down on the shop's rug. It might have heard something about jewelry and fur being luxury items.

Just to throw a couple of more things in – and in the tune of Christmas – are these pictures:

These were some giant blocks in a reclaimed area between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán, taken from a walkway in the cliff. Each block was a bit taller than a man. Someone got inspired to paint them like presents.

And finally, here's something I thought was funny. In the Canaries, not a lot of the locals know how to speak English. I imagine the conversation behind this sign went something like this:

"Eh, How do you spell 'Christmas'"?
"Ahhh, just put Xmas."


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