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Friday, October 09, 2009

One of my favorite things

Hej! This one is just a shortie. I feel short of time to blog right now because I'm doing two courses in Stockholm, which requires me to commute a lot each week. I've also enrolled myself in boxing classes, apart from doing swimming and spinning, and they keep me busy (and tired) when I'm not cracking books.

Just wanted to say that my favorite cookie brand of all time, Ballerina, came up with this new seasonal flavor, pepparkaka (gingerbread) in time for the Yuletide season (Yes... even here, there's a bit of Christmas air as soon as months begin to end with -ber).

Anyone who met me in my first year as an MA student here knows I'm absolutely addicted to Ballerinas. I literally had to stop myself from looking at them so as not to buy them. They're so good and so inviting to eat. Thankfully (or unfortunately), they phased out my favorite flavor, banana that year. They replaced it with mint, which I don't like as much. Nougat, I thought, was delicious but a bit too plain, and that put an end to my Ballerina devouring.

Today I saw that they had the pepparkaka flavor in the store, and as I just finished spinning then, I thought I'd reward myself by trying it out. Heheh. There. I just needed an excuse. It's really delicious and the gingerbread taste is very distinct. Talk about combining two things I like! Thank goodness the flavor is seasonal, or I might just have found my new favorite flavor.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good! Gotta try it myself!

Nice that you find time to update your blog. I've been absolutely terrible with mine, although I just finished a 3 week project yesterday, so I should update.

9:58 AM


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