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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion advice, please?

I haven't touched this blog for more than a week. Not that there isn't much to say; it's been really activity-filled for the last two weeks, but I think I'll save telling about them for another time since they kind of all have to do with exercise and I'm all for varied content here ;-) Besides, I'm still waiting for more pictures before I can blog about the other topics I've been meaning to share.

Until then, let's talk about me. ...Err, I mean, hair!

Yes. It's about me and my hair. I've been in a pony-tail for most of my life, and since about two years ago, I thought I'd get bangs and wear my hair down (picture here). I think bangs are great! Problem is, I can't seem to keep them on my forehead like bangs should be. They want to go to the side, or worse, to both sides (which looks strange when I tie my hair). Another problem is the whole 'do gets kind of awful when the bangs get longer (read: bad hair day for a week or two. Just look at some of my Facebook pictures, ugh!), so every three weeks or so, I have a dilemma between letting the bangs grow or cutting them short myself. I usually do the latter.

Here's my question. I want to keep my bangs, but I want to update my look to save me from bad hair days. I want something that will change my look and has a feminine touch. Whenever I go to a salon though, they tell me that I should know what's best, but actually, I'm clueless. Lately, however, I've been thinking about either one of the two things. Should I:

(1) Have it cut short like picture number 1?
(2) Let my bangs grow, and color my hair, like in picture number 2?

Please look away from the fact that these hair models have the silliest poses on earth to display their hair with. And my hair doesn't have to look exactly like the ones in the pictures; that's just to give you some idea. My hair is wavy; I'm willing to use products to tame it if need be, but lately I actually don't have any problems about it puffing out into a mane, which is why I'm daring to change my look.

Related hair-questions: if you know anything about hair and styling, can you guys also tell me how I can keep my bangs down? With a round brush? With spray?

And what are your opinions on color highlights? Cheap? Flashy? Labor-intensive? Do you have any suggestions on color?

Advice appreciated!

Bangsy Joy


Anonymous Lara said...

oh boy, i dont think i can advice you on how to keep your bangs in place and all those stuff, buttttt...i think a dark brown hair color suits a lot of us asian women. so i would suggest you try that. you can test if highlights work well with it too. i use loreal 5.3 ljus guldenbrun.

oh and typo error. first line: "I haven't I touched..."

good luck with your new look!

11:17 AM

Blogger iamvix said...

YAY for bangs!! :D

i think short hair is harder to manage if you get bad hair days. mukha kang may halo and you won't have the option to ponytail it.

i'd suggest you grow your hair and make it wavy, ala zooey deschanel. i think this look will work for you :D


personally, i don't like highlights. if you'll color your hair, color the whole thing. but if you want highlights, stay away from blonde highlights (or risk looking jologs hehe). color maintenance can be expensive because you'd need to recolor when your roots start to grow. anyway, papicture ka when you've decided :D e

12:35 PM

Anonymous Liz said...

Hey, did you know I also tried having bangs myself some time ago? Had to paste it to my head until it grew out. Yours turned out very well for you though.

Some bits of advice from someone who shares some of your genes:
1. Those hairstyle pics are not candid shots; they don't stay that great-looking all day without proper attention, so don't expect even a great haircut to look the same at the end of the day without fixing it from time to time.
2. Except for Dad's ruler-straight hair, everybody in our family has hair with minds of their own, so you'll have to use some extra time and probably some extra styling products to get it just right in the morning. In my experience, there's no wash-and-go style for us.
2a. A straightening crimping iron and a corresponding styling product may be helpful in keeping your bangs in shape when you go out. Just don't do it too long or too often or you'll risk damaging your hair.
2b. This is why I primp only for special or important occassions. It just eats up so much time!

That said, I hope whatever you decide works well for you, "little" sister!

8:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picture # 1, Dark Brown. And do her pose too. =)

8:56 AM

Anonymous the Provident Woman said...

Tough call, both hair styles look great.

9:06 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Oh wow, so many comments! :-D

Well I haven't touched my hair yet, just so you know. Eventually, I'm thinking of going to the salon sometime this October and in the meantime, trying out a mousse for my bangs. Heheh! Don't worry, I'll post pictures when I get my looks changed. And for those in the Philippines, you might even see in February during my visit ;-)

6:54 PM


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