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Sunday, April 05, 2009

All I want to do is bicycle!

We're sitting at home watching the Swedish hockey finals on TV, eating candy from a giant candy bag and drinking champagne-flavored tea. I've got my feet up on a chair. I'm as relaxed as a cat.

Who would have thought: just 24 hours ago, Marcus and I were trampling our fourth straight hour on our bicycles. We were nearing our destination after a long afternoon of biking. The low evening sun was in our eyes, and I swear my butt was starting to hurt from all that cycling!

Hour 4, Marcus is stretching his legs as we near our destination

That day, I started the morning with an hour of interval spinning at the gym I volunteer in: Eight minutes warm-up followed by four repetitions of 4 minutes hard cycling between 2 minutes "cycling down", four repetitions of 2 minutes hard cycling between 1 minute "cycling down", and five repetitions of 40-minute sprints between short 20-second rests. I met up with Marcus after lunch, and we began our 4 1/2 journey to Linköping by bike, making my day's total 5 1/2 hours of biking.

In our baskets, we had a map, lots of candy, more than 2 liters of water, a bike kit, extra socks, jackets in case we got cold, and clothes for the night. We would thank ourselves for packing light. The long road there isn't exactly flat; the first 10 or so kilometers in Norrköping are hilly. It didn't help that it was windy and that we were cycling against the wind. At the gas stations, the flags were all straight. No wonder that my bike, which usually rolls fast downhill, needed a little help trampling down. Uphills were also much harder than they should be with all the resistance. A few times, I felt that my legs would give up on me.

We survived, though, as we should. We biked to the same destination last year –when I fell and hurt my elbow – but back then we used different, more rugged route. This time, we also biked through farms and dirt roads (the mud also slowed us down some more), but mostly we tried to stay to the old highway, which explains our use of reflector vests. So don't worry, mom and dad, we're Mr. and Ms. Safety!

Marcus is also such a sport, and has been very inspiring through the whole trip. When I thought my butt was killing me or that the roads were too rocky, I only had to think that I wasn't alone in the whole thing. It was also extra beautiful to be biking leisurely together in scenic country roads. But when we passed other casual city cyclists, we had a common joy overtaking them and cycling fast – at least until we were out of sight of them. :-D

After about five candy breaks, a 6-minute burger break in a highway burger joint and four and a half hours of travel, we arrived to dinner south of Linköping, I relaxed my muscles in the sauna, and we had a good night's rest. It all seemed to work – I don't have a butt ache anymore.

We biked 59.5 kilometers. And according to Marcus' new pulse clock, we averaged 137 in pulse for all our active time cycling, and burned 2,470 calories each. More than a day's consumption for me, that is. Thank goodness for all that candy!

More pictures in my Multiply.


Blogger aka Cheryl said...

congrats! ang layo and ang tagal ng binie ninyo. you and marcus are so fit! :D

oh, and i'd join a marathon in may! and i surfed yesterday! so, mejo active na din ako, hahaha.

1:28 PM

Anonymous Jeff said...


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7:59 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Cheryl: Thank you, thank you! As in a real marathon? Where? God, you should start start training now! Pictures, okay?

Jeff: How exciting! I sent you a mail.

9:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez! 60 km of biking!! You're a lot more tough than I am!

11:26 PM


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