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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a girl!

It snowed a lot the night between Saturday and Sunday, so on Sunday morning we took ourselves out to the Himmelstalund field for a walk. We attacked each other with snowballs, had a snowball-throwing contest, and tried to see who could make the largest snowball. That's when we came up with an great idea.

New, thick snow + large field with a slope = recipe for building a large snowman. Or snow-woman, for that matter.

That's my girl!

From a tiny runt of a snowball, she grew quickly to the voluptuous snow lady that she now is. She's even taller than I am, and more, uh, curvaceous (a closer look at her shows that she has a deep cleavage and, uh, panties)! "Raising" her was a pain in the ass though. You can't believe how heavy that giant snowball base was (which is now, I guess, the snow woman's ass). When the snowball had become too big, both of us had to push it downhill with shoulders and legs and we had to rock the snowball to get enough inertia so that it would roll down and accumulate more snow. The snow woman's upper body had to be made by gathering and patting snow in place; a snowball of that size would have been too heavy to lift to chest level. We also rolled a giant snowball beside her as a "lookout point", from where we attached her head.

We didn't bring the camera with us when we made her, but we decided to go back the next day and see if she was still there. Sure enough, even though the other snowmen in the field were beheaded during the afternoon, our big lady still stood there with a smile – or what was left of it – on her face. Respect!

...That's not to mention that there was some dog poo at her side, though (visible in the bottom right corner of the photo above). That would rub the smile off my face too, come to think of it.

One more for the camera! (Petri, with arms around our girl, almost stepped on the dog poo. Marcus, the protective dad, looks over their shoulders.)

P.S. Pictures on Multiply. Pictures from two weeks ago, when we invited Jeline for a ski, and the Trondheim pictures from last week are now in my Multiply album. The skiing pictures are here, and the Trondheim pictures can be seen through this link.


Blogger Ishtar said...

Lol, this post made me laugh! I haven't made a snowman for ages. You most probably built one bigger than I ever did - I think I stopped when they got too heavy!

10:15 AM


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