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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hungry as a day laborer, andra delen...

... a.k.a. "Some good things come in instant packages," because, in the weeks working in the boat which seem so distant to us now, we actually discovered just that.

Actually, if you were also working from 9am to 9pm, you'll find that instant food is just made for people like you! If you're extra industrious, you might even discover yourself as a meticulous instant-food connoisseur within a couple of weeks. You will have trained a discriminating palate for different varieties of frozen lunches, and even learn to make yourself easy 3-course dinners, of which all components come from boxes and are either microwavable or ready-to eat.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. We in fact never had to do any of those, but only because our male dormer friends already did and spared us from the ordeal! One of the said friends, who lives with two other guys in a bachelor-pad, has become a gourmet in the proverbial "man chow" and recommended this:

Italissimo frozen pizza -- before and after pictures!

This brand comes in two flavors. We chose "Speciale" with chorizos and I think the other one has mushrooms. It's a very great value at 2 pizzas for 17 kroners (about 119 pesos) because in comparison, the pizzerias start selling at 60 kroners a piece... and they're not even open when you want your pizza dinner at 10 in the evening.

Well, our friend wasn't wrong about this one. He actually said this was "one of the few edible frozen pizzas around", and we will certainly trust his extensive "man chow" experience from now on. The pizzas tasted cheezy, the salami-count was complete, they claim to use some kind of specialty ham, and above all, the crust was good and crunchy. Best of all, the individual pizzas fit in our 20-liter toaster oven, eliminating the need to go down to the building's common kitchen. And it's good with Tabasco.

Or should I say that the best part of this frozen pizza brand is that the pizzas don't look like this:

The above is a picture grabbed from bakingbites.com, from an article entitled "Why you should bake your own pizza". I understand the author completely, but as I'm sometimes hesitant to bake with yeast (unless its cold-risen, which eliminates the risk of killing the yeast), I think I'm going to stick to Italissimo pizza if I ever crave for late-night pizza again.

...So, it's after dinner and you're craving for dessert. Probably you've slaved like a worker all day and now need to replenish your lost energy with some good ole carbs in the form of sugar. No time to bake a cake? Well, that's what the grocery's instant-dessert section is for! Not only do they have an assortment of shake-and-bake products, we discovered. They also had this:

Instant Crème brûlée! Dissolve the powder in boiled milk, put in a bowl of instant caramel syrup (included in the box), refrigerate and voila!

I forgot how much it costed, but it was a bit on the pricier side, at least in comparison with the pizzas. The powdered mixture makes 4 small cups of creme brulee, which was enough to satisfy my leche flan cravings then (this lacked the lemony taste in Filipino leche flan though). But I must say that the best thing about this was the perfect consistency and the taste that wasn't too cloyingly sweet. I would buy it again in a heartbeat, but as we're not working hard anymore these days, we probably shouldn't.

Last on my list of instants is the versatile Falukorv, a traditional Swedish sausage which already I wrote about in a previous entry. What I hadn't mentioned then, however, was how suitable this sausage was for brining in picnics, or otherwise workers' lunchboxes...

Yes, that long bending red tube is actually a sausage. When cut into little rounds, it looks a bit more appetizing...

Falukorv actually doesn't taste like anything in particular... it's just a plain sausage (with some potato flour that is), very unpretentious, and a common Swedish dormer food on macaroni with some... ketchup. I never thought I would see the day when would I eat pasta with ketchup, but well, you gotta eat what you say sometimes and at least this time it tasted good. It's also the most convenient thing to prepare during breakfast while preparing for a 12-hour work shift (shudder!). Altogether, Falukorv-mac-and-ketchup lunch is as pleasing as a plain McDonald's burger, but twice as filling. And besides, we use Heinz! Hahah! :-) Oh yeah, and we also only buy the Scan brand falukorv, which probably has more meat content than the others.

BTW, the red wrapping is not edible (it's plastic!) which is a contrast from the hotdogs from the Philippines (and so I hear, from Denmark).

Speaking of red hotdogs from the Philippines, that particular one in the above picture gave Marcus and me the runs the next day, and even gave Marcus some fever! If it's not potato flour in there, I wonder wha... ahhh, forget it!

But just for your information (and possible consolation), we're back to cooking nowadays, with a eat-more-vegetables-plan to boot. And I'm also back to baking and I made scones for breakfast today. Whee! :-)


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