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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer continues

This week is projected to be Sweden's warmest week of this year, despite only being 22 degrees and expecting rainfall on Friday!

But no worries. We should enjoy the summer while it lasts, and for me that means I can enjoy it for roughly a week more. Swedish classes start next Monday, although real school doesn't begin until September. Being in the city again feels like a compression chamber between vacation-life and school-life: basically, I'm still in vacation-mode (we just took another boat day tour last Monday) but at home, registration periods and school union fees remind me of the pending schoolwork. I guess this is the beginning of the end, whether I like it or not. Huhu.

At any case, we're pretty lucky this year to have had so many sources of recreation and enjoyment. I really shouldn't complain, even though it does feel like a long Sunday with an even longer workweek ahead.

I've uploaded more photos of our week as catwatch at the country side (where I took the above picture) and this Monday's sailing tour to Lundarna with friends (where the sporty picture of Marcus below was taken). The links will direct you to the photo albums, where there are despcriptions to the pictures that I hope you will enjoy :-)

...Mmmaybe we can even plan a bike tour sometime this weekend, just to avoid the city noise from the upcoming August fest. That's the stubborn me talking, trying to hold on to the rest of my summer break, I guess. :-P

P.S. Augustifesten (the August fest) is according to the Norrköping's tourism website, the biggest yearly local event. I guess it's too late to escape the city noise now -- it has just started, and there are programs lined up well until Saturday, when we will probably hear the last of the howling teens well until Sunday morning. The festival is probably good for the city PR, but bad for us: we live on one of the main streets, which happens to be packed to every cobblestone with hyperactive people when there's an event nearby.

Pictures up the street, and down the street after a fireworks display: people packed like sardines!

Where did all these people come from, I wonder? I thought everybody was on out-of-town vacation! I wonder if all of Norrköping's suburbs are empty as I write.

Anyway, we got a good view of the fireworks from where we were sitting at our windowsill -- without even having to mingle with all the bodies. Whoopie! Movie of the fireworks uploaded at the usual place.

Well, what did I say -- summer continues.


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