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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What do you know...

It's Home and Away's 100th post! Hip hip hooray!

... but hey, who's counting anyway? ;-)

I guess the me of one year ago just didn't see this coming. Thanks to everyone who's been keeping in touch and have been regularly viewing. I do try my best to keep you all entertained ;-D

Here are some bad and good things about the past blogging year:

Master Kricke is dissatisfied with...

- my mounting blog backlog. I actually have a lot of blog entries in mind that I had to push out of "production line" for a while, thanks to more interesting events in my life (like boat and vacation stories, heheh). In fact, the third installment of my SI-books-on-culture series still haven't materialized, as well as part 2 of Hungry as a Day Laborer, where I divulge that we were living on instants while working on the boat. On the other hand, that's the advantage of having "fact entries" on culture and food and so on -- they never become out of date, and therefore you will probably see these back entries in the next few weeks.

- my Home and Away tags -- a separate site I made to sort my entries by topic -- is being updated in a slower pace than I would wish. On the positive side, it's in existence now at least. If you hadn't yet, you can check this page out via a link on my sidebar. Now you can surf through all my past junk ... by theme! :-P You must admit this is a bit better than surfing through all my past junk at random, but don't expect that new entries find their way there immediately (which, as I said, upsets Master Kricke... Tsk tsk.) Also, I would recommend that archive site only if you want to browse, but for specific word-searches, Blogger's own search bar at the top of this page will probably work just fine.

Master Kricke is satisfied with some aspects though:

- According to the site statistics, a lot of people find their way to my Stockholm entry, especially after it has been linked via backpackers.com. Since then, it has become the all time popular page at Home and Away, with the knäckebröd article at a very distant second (who knew? I guess knäckebröd is that Swedish). Anyway, a well-composed title and some strategic links apparently do one's blog good at Google. Especially at the start of summer, I have had people landing into the Stockholm page at the average of three times per day. They never left comments though, so I would never know if I helped them. Oooh well.

- My food entry on "Swedish pizza" has also recently made it to the August Carnival of Pizza which is hosted by Kevin at the Pizza Delivery Stories blog. Unlike the Stockholm article though, I actually submitted this article for publication at the carnival, being particularlly proud of my food journals. Well, a little self-endorsement hasn't hurt anybody -- I guess I even have to do just that a little more times in real life...

Here's what other people have been searching on Google to get to this page:

- the top hit? "swedecheese" -- likely by people who already know me and my site but too lazy to type the next parts of the URL... Likely my sister, heheh.

- next, tourism-related words as: "sweden on a shoestring", "3 day trip to Stockholm", "Vasa Museum tour in Stockholm", etc.. Funnily there was also one who searched for "tour packet frankfurt," which I'm quite sure I didn't write about.

- food-related searches of course, the most recent being "swedish grilling spice", "new potatoes", "dolmars recipe", "swedish cheese slicer", "salmiac", "inlagd herring" or the Dutch "maatjesharing". Among these food searches there were also some weird ones including "pig's blood and flour" (blood pudding, no doubt?), "sayote costume" (hehe) and... "spartan variants ahoy"? Wonder what that is.

- strangely, Oprah. Just because Ria commented that Oprah endorsed Wasa knäckebröd in her show, people that have been searching "Oprah Wasa" and "Oprah wasa crisp" have found their way to the knäckebröd article.

- and of course, the poor fans of Home and Away the soap opera found their way to my site thinking it was about their favorite drama series. They searched for "home and away characters", "next episode of home and away", "home and away real names", "home and away 2007", "home and away wednesday", etc. Thank goodness for popular namesakes. You can always rely on Google to increase your pageload traffic that way. Heh heh heh :-)


Blogger Cheryl said...

the top hit? "swedecheese" -- likely by people who already know me and my site but too lazy to type the next parts of the URL... Likely my sister, heheh. <--- ako din! hehehe

5:56 AM

Blogger Cheryl said...

and... which statcounter setting do you use? the only useful information i can get from my statcounter are the number of visits i get, and isp/location of visitors. wala yung "search" chever you're talking about. :)

5:58 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Haha tamad ka rin pala. Joke lang!

I actually just type the first letters of your URL as well; as soon as I type "nabi" on the URL field, the computer does the rest and I just press enter. Heheh!

I use statcounter at statcounter.com. It shows searches (and what search engine they've used), approximately how long they loaded your page, their service providers and screen resolutions (if you're layouting I guess), locations and even I.P. addresses (which is how I know my 'rents are here everyday :-) Hi 'rents! I'm stalking you! Heheh!)

It can only show you info on the most recent 500 visits though. But who's interested in the last 500 and first?

11:36 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Oh but wait... livejournal dosn't support statcounter. I just checked it out :-( Too bad... for you! >:-)

12:58 PM

Blogger Cheryl said...

nyek, kaya naman pala. boo! :P hahaha

i clear my cache and browsing history regularly, kaya your URL's not stored in my office computer. mahirap na, baka mahuli ng Information Systems Dept namin, that's "unofficial use of the internet." hehehe. but i do have your website bookmarked here at home. :D AND it's easier to type "swedecheese" sa google without typing blogspot after. haha, tamad!

5:10 PM


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