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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hoorah hoorah hoorah, hoorah!

A wonderful and eventful weekend spent camping on water with Juanita, who is now officially seaworthy and running! Click here for some dramatic before and after pictures (you'll be surprised, I guarantee it!) For the camping-slash-sailing pictures of this past weekend, click on this other link.

My brother, once contemplating on getting himself a Lomo, said that the comeback of the low-tech camera was partly due to the predictability (and even perfectibility) of photo results we now get from digital cameras. In short, it's nice to point, shoot, and get something unexpected for a change. Take this photo, which I set for one second exposure and put on the boat deck for "stability", until I remembered that the boat itself rocks in the water. The result: instant impressionist photo!

P.S. We'll be out for another week in the archipelago, where I doubt there will be internet even if we do end up bringing our computers. Until next week, excuse me if I don't reply to comments and e-mail for a while!


Anonymous pj said...

Joy! saw the before and after pictures. so cool! i'm really impressed. :)
speaking of lomos, i'm thinking of getting one as well. hehehe. enjoy your extended camping-sailing trip!

3:58 AM

Blogger Cheryl said...

hi pj! (are you the pj i met through joy? hehe) i'm interested in lomos too. which one are you getting, and where do you plan to buy? ;)

joy, i saw the pics but haven't been able to comment yet in multiply. grabe, LABOR OF LOVE!

3:37 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Back in civilization!

Yes Cheryl, that's the PJ you met through me :-)

PJ: I took that picture with an ordinary digital camera, but it turned out Lomoesque didn't it?

Also tell me where you plan to buy yours. Mahal bumili over their internet site eh! There are some cheap ones over the German Ebay pero mukhang laruan...

Oh and if the two of you are not up to your necks with boat stories yet, I'll soon be updating this week's new adventure.

...Syempre susulitin namin yung trabaho no!

9:11 PM


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