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Friday, July 06, 2007

Juanita hits the water!

Juanita is being taken to her watery habitat, with the help of a radio-controlled boat hoist. The hoist drives the boat to the water; the boat will float, leaving the hoist frame free to drive back ashore. Marcus is following with the fenders.

The last five days' work finally paid off. After a whole week of working until late (yesterday, until 10 in the evening) and waking up to a perpetual feeling of tiredness, we were finally able to put the now-shiny Juanita into water today, where she now happily floats with her other boat-friends!

...Actually, happily floating is all she can do for now without either sails or a motor to run with yet. Her mobility is an issue for next week; for now we've now ensured that she doesn't sink, at least. One day's repair was devoted to finding and covering holes with a bowlful of epoxy, and we apparently missed three such holes, which we discovered today leaking in sea water! Well, we screwed them shut and they await a more permanently water-tight solution, which we will probably take care of tomorrow...

It was surprising that we could find the daily motivation in us to work on Juanita at all, especially since the workday had to start with a bike trip from our apartment to the marina, in cloudy, windy and wet weather. Nevertheless, the following work has been done: sanding and varnishing all wooden details and making new wood panels when the old ones were rotten; cutting, tinting, attaching, and sealing a fiberglass window to replace a broken one; pouring plastic over the hole on the deck and fitting the underside of the hole with plywood; covering small holes with epoxy, sanding the epoxy lumps into shape and painting them a cream shade; putting on the anti-barnacle bottom paint; rubbing and polishing the hull with a polishing machine and waxing everything again by hand; and at last today: cleaning the interior walls with furniture shampoo and the ceiling with household detergent.

Hopefully, the work in the next days will be less and less tedious and more and more fun. The wood details have to be screwed back on, and a hatch will be replaced with fiberglass. I also have to sew covers to the mattresses (which we have yet to cut BTW) and produce the other comfort details like pillows and curtains. Marcus and Göran --who unexpectedly found us a second-hand solar panel-- will work with installing a 12-volt system. Talk about gender stereotypes! :-)

And of course, there's the whole problem about the mast, the sails and the motor which we will pluck from... who knows where, really? Heheh... doesn't this whole boat business just keep you on your toes?

We celebrate with cake with the marina employees --from whom we borrowed most machines and some chemicals-- on Monday!


Blogger vlado&toni said...

wow, that's a huge project you've got out there.reminds me of that show in MTV, pimp my car only this time it's pimp my boat :) all the best!!!

2:39 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Thanks! It's the nearest thing we've got to renovating a house... which you and Vlado did, right?

4:24 PM

Anonymous cheryl said...

AMAZING! halos built from scratch, hahaha. all that work, nakakalula! but then you see your progress, so i guess that's motivation enough. amazing, joy. ^_^ congrats!

btw, di ba mahal ang materials? you said it's more common to own a boat than a car, so does that bring prices down?

3:10 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Heheh... you should see the before-and-after pictures from multiply, malulula ka talaga, heheh.

A lot, I mean a lot of people have boats here but it probably doesn't exceed the number of cars. But about the costs: since Marcus' dad works in that marina (as his retirement hobby/job) we just borrowed most of the materials from them heheh. Other materials were stuff from out of Marcus' dad's garage, and some stuff he ordered for us.

Marcus and I had only to spend on a lot of little stuff like sandpaper, varnish, cloth, sponges, etc. but as far as I've counted, it didn't exceed 2000 kroner, which is not bad for a boat!

10:24 PM


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