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Monday, August 04, 2008

Brahehus, Gränna

I took this photo from the car window as we were driving along the E4 highway from Gränna. What looks like a castle on top of the mountain was the mansion of count Per Brahe the Younger, who lived here in the 1600s and founded the town of Gränna.


Anonymous Lara said...

great colors joy! how was ur trip?

2:26 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

I took this shot while the car was running down the highway! It was really lucky. On the other hand, I took a lot of (not-so-good, sometimes obscured view) shots before I was able to get a view of this one.

Because of the rainy weather, we only spent one afternoon in Gränna. We did camp somewhere the night before though (near a lake about 50 km off Gränna), and then spent the remainder of the rainy weekend at Marcus' godparents place.

More pictures and the story to come!

3:48 PM

Blogger male73 said...

Hi Joy! Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I hope you won't mind if I add yours to my friendster blog list too. :)

7:27 AM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

You should go up there one day and have a look, the view is beautiful!

Love your pictures by the way! Seems like you guys are having a fab summer in Sweden!

9:07 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Martin: Of course! How are you guys? Saw your pics in HK. Galing! Congrats!

Esther: Yeah, it's a lot of vacation for minimal money (hanging with Marcus' relatives, camping, borrowing a car for this car trip). Makes one feel rich despite the lack-of-income situation (which will hopefully solve itself after the employers are done with their vacations too)! :-) Glad you liked the picture! We actually climbed the mountain, but on its southern side away from Brahehus. The view there wasn't bad either though!

4:24 PM

Blogger aka Cheryl said...

as usual, inggit ako. great pic! :D

6:46 PM


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