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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Amazing Car Trip!

Mats and Margareta invited us to a road trip to remember down to Sweden's Kingdom of Crystal and the country's second largest island, Öland. Three days and literally a thousand pictures later (We've got our hands full trying to sort them!), I'm tired and glad to be home but can't stop daydreaming. This road trip has taken us to unbelievable landscapes: deep forests, Sweden's longest sand beach, barren alvars and wind-eroded limestone cliffs. The contrasts were equally amazing. One hour, we would be walking in halls lined with absurdly expensive designer glass and the next hour eat the saltiest fattiest "poor man's food" of glass workers of old. In Öland, which is truly a tourist- and nature paradise, we walked an ancient uncultivated forest one morning, and the Swedish king's manicured gardens the next.

While I'm busy with writing the blog entries and looking for a job, I leave you with these pictures:

From left to right: a fourth-year student of the National School of Glass (Riksglasskolan) demonstrating her craft; finished vases at Orrefors; Inspecting figurines by Kjell Engman at the artist's exhibition at Boda.

From amazing Öland, "the island of the sun and wind." Top: two pictures of our first stop, an open landscape facing the sea; Bottom: an old shipwreck at the edge of the Troll's forest (Trollskogen) and girls posing for another camera at Byrums raukar.

You can click on the pictures to see larger copies. Links in the entry lead to Wikipedia articles on the places and land formations, which you can read while I write the blog updates (I'll also have to make back-ups of the pictures. I hardly have any space in my hard disk with all the pictures I've taken these past years). Have fun until then!

P.S. Trevligt att träffas! We met a Filipina and a Finn last Monday, Lara and Jaakko. They're also doing a car trip – not for three days but for three weeks – to southern Sweden and Finland from Ljusdal in the north of Sweden. It was our first time to meet after reading each other's blogs for a while now. I hope they're having fun wherever they are at the moment! Lara writes about their trip to Norrköping, where they met me and Marcus, in this linked entry.


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