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Monday, July 28, 2008

Something's definitely wrong here...

a.k.a. Why you shouldn't hire cross-eyed people to work in a flag factory.

On our sailing trip with Göran and Saga-Britt, the topic of conversation turned to the tradition of having a flag on deck to show the boat's country of origin.

S: You should really replace that ratty flag of yours...

G: Yeah, I already bought one, but it was so big. I didn't know it would be a hundred centimeters across. It's there behind you, Joy. Can you hand it over?

(G receives the still unopened plastic package containing the flag. He unfurls the contents, which was indeed as large a coffee table).

S: It's gigantic!

(We laugh. Then, a moment of silence while we all try to figure out what's wrong...)

G: Oh, but look how it's sewn!


Anonymous Lara said...

thats really funny, joy :P and they had the nerve to sell it?

8:31 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

We didn't know it was like that until we opened the package. We first commented on its size, and then after a few seconds we noticed something was wrong! Haha! Marcus' dad will return it to the store. I guess the ones who sew it don't really know what it should look like!

8:49 AM

Anonymous Lara said...

made in china perhaps? :-P

joke joke!

9:41 PM


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