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Thursday, June 05, 2008

M.A. graduation

My shining graduation smile upon finishing my M.A. in Health and Society at Linköping University (Thank you Kai for the picture!):

On the one hand, I feel very proud finishing this M.A. – even prouder than when I finished the Applied Ethics M.A.. I'm also looking forward to the summer ahead, so it's relieving to have all my studies over with (in the meantime! Haha!). On the other hand, graduations are always also a sad moment because my classmates for are leaving soon for their home countries, and we won't know where we'll be in another year or if we'll ever see each other again.

P.S. On Corson, the main "street" of our campus, hides a secret message. Walking from the north end to the south end, one discovers a sentence out of words scattered here and there. The sentence is actually a collection of art pieces by Jan Svenungsson. He wanted to name the set "Framtidshopp", which in English means "Hope for the Future" (but also "Future Leap"). It consists of the following:

1. On top of a futuristic structure: "I morgon" (tomorrow)
2. A block in front of the A-building on whose sides are etched: "kommer" (comes)
3. On a fake manhole near building B: "något" (something)
4. An upright sculpture that spells: "underbart" (wonderful)
5. What appears to be three stone benches that actually spell "att" (to)
6. And a neon sign in Campushallen that blinks "hända!" (happen)

Together, they say "I morgon kommer något underbart att hända!" This means, "Tomorrow, something wonderful will happen!". As I'm not actually sure what I'll do after the summer yet, I'll try to hang on to this sentence. :-S

Pictures posted at my Multiply c/o Marcus, Mats, Kai and Kai's dad.


Anonymous aaron said...

joy congrats for finishing your
2nd MA!! grabe lupet mo talaga... hehe

9:15 PM

Anonymous Lara said...

"As I'm not actually sure what I'll do after the summer yet, I'll try to hang on to this sentence. :-S"

1.) let me tell you a story. last year, there was a day when i felt so down about not landing a job yet here. so i had a "serious" talk to God about it that night. (immediately!) the next day, my sfi teacher approached me saying someone wanted to meet me. that woman offered me a substitute teaching job right then.

just ask. see what God has in store for u :-)

2.) ohhh, and i have been busy creating a new blog. do you know that reading your blog seems to inspire me?

3.) again, GRATTIS! that truly is an amazing feat. and the photo captured a wonderful smile.

7:45 AM

Blogger Christianne said...


9:34 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Thanks Aaron, Lara and Christianne! :-D

3:54 PM


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