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Friday, May 23, 2008

Town and country in May

When I'm bored, I experiment with old pictures using Photoshop. It's addicting. When I get some good results with some pictures, it becomes hard to stop myself from beginning on new projects. Since I'm stalling writing a food journal (it will come soon though), I decided to post a couple of my edited pictures today. Neither of them have been published in the blog before and I thought it would be a pity not to share them. To keep to some kind of theme, I chose pictures that were both taken in May (2006 and 2007). This is how Sweden looks like at this time of the year. Click to view them in full size!

Sergels torg (Swedish for "Sergel's square")
The most central public square in Stockholm. May 2006.

I took this picture when I toured Stockholm with Andriana just a few days before our thesis defense in 2006. It was early in the morning and shops hadn't opened yet, so there were few people around. I like how the triangular patters seem to float from the ground, making the people look as if they were suspended in the air.

A field of rapeseed. Where the yellow grass grows knee-high.
200 kilometers south of Stockholm. May 2007.

I wanted to salvage this picture that I took inside a bus between Vadstena and Linköping, but since it was a bad picture to begin with and I couldn't make it look realistic, I stopped trying to do just that and did the opposite. Rapeseed plants actually look more vivid and colorful in real life, but I haven't found a good way to capture the sight on photo yet. There's no better way to describe the sight other than like looking at a carpet of sunshine – you literally want to squint. It's beautiful though, and on sunny days when the sky is bright blue, looking out of a bus window feels like looking into a picture-book.

Somehow the pictures all look better viewed from Photoshop than when I look at the results "printed" on the blog. Oh well. Comments appreciated!


Anonymous Lara said...

were driving south in the summer and itll be my first time to see the famous rapeseed fields...yey! its just full of forests and mountains up here in hälsingland. but im not complaining ;)

9:43 PM

Blogger Christianne said...

Maganda naman ah! And wow, I've never seen Sergel's Torg that empty.

10:36 PM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

Ah, looks beautiful!

7:03 PM


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