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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Hemmaplan och bortaplan"

Ever wonder what my blog would sound like in Swedish? Wonder no more. Click on the link below to visit – not Home and Away, mind you – but Hemmaplan och Bortaplan, my blog's Swedish alter ego:

Want to see what I mean? Click here.

Obviously, it wasn't I that had translated the two years' worth of blog entries. I wasn't even the one who came up with the funky Swedish title. Google Translate makes automatic language translations of texts and webpages and did all that work. The translation is littered with grammatical errors though, like adjectives that aren't declined, substantives that aren't in their definite forms, wrong word order, and too literal translations (e.g. "My Multiply" became "Min Multiplicera" and "ground beef" was translated too literally by the Google program to mean something like "land / soil beef"). These are mistakes even we Swedish-learners make, though hopefully not to the same horrific extent ;-). Still, you must admit that this alter ego blog looks... different. Try it on your own blog to make it look cool :-D (It works as long as no one you know can tell that the language in it is murdered. Heheh)! I also got a kick out of the Swinglish blog titles like "Forming en straight Circle" and "The Eternal Nybörjare". And what about my profile: "Shiver me timbers! Am ett av 'em bloggers!"? (If there was anything close to "coño" Swedish in the Filipino sense of the word – i.e. English language barbarization with an affected lazy accent and spatterings of "like", spoken by certain upper-middle class Filipino groups – this would definitely be it. But I guess you can't blame the program for that.)


Speaking of hemmaplan – which in Swedish can also mean "home ground" or "home court" – the Canadian power team beat underdog Sweden in yesterday's Hockey World Championship semifinals in Canada. I take that Swedes aren't too sad over this because they will get to fight for the bronze with Finland tonight. Hockey matches between these two countries are usually a matter of national pride and of trying to settle once and for all which of the two countries is the better one.

We don't have TV so we listened to yesterday's hockey match over the radio (like they used to do in the good 'ole days!). One advantage of this, at least for the non-hockey initiated like myself, is that one doesn't have to spend the night on the sofa beside a game-enthralled male companion (Actually, I already tried this and it's not as bad as it sounds. Hockey is an interesting sport to watch even if you don't know the rules). Marcus and I instead spent part of the night "playing" ice hockey through this online game:

The rules are simple: you choose a club at the beginning of the game (5K is the easiest level) and you have to score a number of goals to qualify for the next game period. The game itself is like Desktop ping-pong and pinball rolled into one (yes, it's one-player). Scroll your mouse to meet the puck, click to hit it (it should be within the blue circular area that is your "ping-pong paddle"), and scroll your mouse slightly up and down to indicate if you want to hit the puck upwards (say, above the goaltender's shoulder) or level (say, between the goaltender's legs). It's quite easy. Now I wish skating were as easy to learn.


Anonymous Lara said...

yey, the finns won!

4:27 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yeah, and the Swedes didn't play so well. I guess the Finns are the better ones... for this year at least. Haha! ;-)

6:20 PM


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