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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just got home from the circus!

...You read that right!

The Brazil Jack circus, "Sweden's oldest touring circus" performed in Norrköping this weekend and we got two free tickets to the event from our friend Gertie, who couldn't come to the event herself. My expectations of cheeziness and screaming child spectators were pleasantly incorrect. These circus folk were really professionals, and they got me from the first circus trick! Seemed it worked for the children too; they were too absorbed with the show to misbehave. The whole show was really terrific, and the interaction between performers and audience made it all the more wholesome.

Despite being one of the smallest circuses in the country – the total number of performers were probably just 30 (excluding the band members who played bossa nova circus music) – they had a wide variety of stunts and each performer had two or three roles each. There's the usual woman hanging from a trapeze, human pyramids, clowns fooling around, horses running in circles and standing on command... But there were also really cool stunts, the likes of which I've only seen before in TV: cats doing balancing tricks, dogs playing football (complete with uniforms with holes cut for their tails), a figure-skating couple, and a woman jumping her way up a human totem-pole from a see-saw. A must see! (The women doing these tricks BTW, had really hard-packed abs like muscle-women!)

Anyway, you could tell that these people were working really hard to keep us all enthralled. Some clowns even doubled as the popcorn-and balloon- sellers during the intermissions. Imagine that they work their asses of every weekend of the circus season, and have to live on that money for the rest of the year (supposing that they don't have other cushy jobs waiting for them then)! I guess working as a circus performer is really a labor of love. It was all we could do to support them to buy two cones of popcorn from their stall (which we wouldn't otherwise buy for 20:- a cone). Gertie, after all, also got the tickets for free from them because she agreed to hang their ad on her salon. But I shan't feel sorry for them all too much; they're professionals after all, and at the end of the show, you really just admire them for their hard work and amazing circus performances. Just watch out for them in your Swedish town ;-)

Oh yeah, and here's a funny thing: after the 2-hour show, the children in the audience went out of the circus tent tumbling, climbing on poles, rolling on grass mats and prancing around like clowns. Heheh! A new inspiration for them to move around, I guess.

I took a lot of pictures, but I won't put them up here. It's better to see them live anyway if you've got the chance :-)


Blogger Christianne said...

I guess they really do it for the love of performing and not for the money. How much do tickets normally cost?

Annika would probably just yell "Ne" (Neigh) at the horses, dunno if she'll appreciate the complex stunts and funny clowns :P

7:02 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

From 180-200 for kids under 12 and from 200-220 for adults! Plus, to complete the circus-experience for the children, of course some of the parents were forced to buy popcorn, toys, and balloons (an extra damage of 100, I would think)!

The thing is, when you see how hard the performers are working (I mean, they were the popcorn sellers at the breaks, aside from doing stunts!), it seems okay to pay for a cone of popcorn or two.

But some bigger kids (of about 7 or 8 years old?) went to the circus alone with their friends (it was an afternoon show anyway). Don't know how feasible that seems in central Stockholm, but it saves money for the parents' tickets!

6:56 AM

Anonymous lea said...

aliw!! wish i was there with you, sounded like real fun....

9:55 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yeah Lea! I thought of you too, because of the cats doing tricks and the dogs playing football. You would have liked that :-) Next time! :-D

9:57 AM


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