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Friday, June 01, 2007

Intermission! I've been tagged...

P.S. added on June 3

...by Christianne, A Filipina in Stockholm whom I have met through this blog and met personally (heheh "eyeballed!") while running from one Stockholm tourist destination to the next with Kristine and Marcus some weeks ago. Christianne: Sorry that meeting was too short, and hogged by the nerdy tourist guide at the Royal Palace! I even think you misplaced your bag somewhere in that tour, because the Palace security thought it belonged to us (they were looking for two Asian girls and an Asian guy, which of course was really you, Gillian and Edward). Sa uulitin (sans bag-loss of course)! I don't actually go to Stockholm that often, but if I do go there again in the near future, you know I won't let the chance pass again to go to Barangay Trading and buy that sayote I've been craving for quite some time now. And for that, I hereby post a picture of a sayote. :-D

Anyway, here's her meme tag on me, on 6 weird things. The rules? Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!

Hmmm, six weird things about me... now, where to begin? Haha!

1. I have a short neck and a long tongue, so I can actually lick my upper chest. The weirder thing is, Titas and Titos always asked me to perform this trick when I was in gradeschool ("Hi Joy! My, you've grown! ... Can you still lick your chest?") I actually tried it just before writing this number, so I know I still can do it :-)

2. When my sister was running her own costume shop, she and I often used to go to cosplays. At different occasions, I came to the mall dressed as Dilandau from The Vision of Escaflowne, , Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke, and even Sailor Venus of the Sailormoon gang. Again, to make things even weirder: While dressed as Sailor Venus and Sailormoon in SM Megamall, I and my sister actually mistakenly walked into to the wrong conference hall, where a conference on horticulture was going on! The receptionist politely asked us who we were. Hahaha! ("Sino pa ba? E di si Sailor Venus, tagapaglaban ng pag-ibig!")

3. In college, I used to collect (and wear) colorful socks: socks with candy-cane prints, snowman prints, animal prints, fruit prints, stripes, polka-dots etc. One plastic drawer in my room contained only socks, and once (on a month when the laundry piled up on us), a whole washing machine load was devoted just for socks. They also occupied all of our sipit-hangers (which weren't few) when it was time to dry them. If I had brought all to Sweden, they would probably fill a small suitcase.

4. Sometimes I talk to animals (esp. cats) and plants (esp. those about to wilt and I want to revive). Haha!

5. I don't know the multiplication tables of 6, 7, and 8 to this day, despite my college classmates trying to teach them to me. I guess the aversion to math isn't weird in itself, but it seems that I am bothered enough by my mathematical handicap to dream about it. I once dreamt that I was sweating over a math test long after Math subjects were actually over. Nightmarish!

6. According to Marcus, I eat, walk, sweat, burp, and fart like a man. What's weird about this? I can't deny it :-P Darn. In particular, I am teased a lot for the way I walk, which was described by one classmate as "thug-like" and another as "macho". Another classmate here in Sweden even asked if I did any military service. Anyway, I didn't actually realize that I walked the way I do until late in high school. In first and second year high school, we always made fun of this girl called Antoinette, whom we said "walked like a duck". Then in third year, someone said to me, "you know, you walk like Antoinette!" Hahaha! Well, well.

I tag tag tag: Camillo, PJ, Cheryl, Peachy, and Val (if you two will like to have it). Damn, I don't have a sixth friend. Now that's weird. Carlo: you don't do memes, do you?

P.S. The six degress of separation. I forgot to mention that incidentally, Christianne and I are apparently linked (or separated) by 4 degrees, through mutual friends in the Philippines. Her husband was an officemate of Mike, the husband Rowie, who was in turn a colleague from the Philosophy department. It's a small world. This reminds me of this internet game, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The site with that name is now unfortunately closed, but you can play the game at a similar site, The Oracle of Bacon. Try typing any actor, and by searching IMDB, the oracle tells you how that actor is linked to Kevin Bacon. I tried Doplhy, Nora Aunor, Sharon Cuneta, Fernando Poe, Ai-ai de las Alas, and even Rene Requiestas. Try it yourself! :-)


Blogger Christianne said...

LOL at licking your chest (I tried to do it just now and had to laugh at myself, and of course I failed), and the cosplay misadventures! That's a really cool business ah, having a costume shop.

Where did you leave all your beloved socks? I hope someone is taking care of them.

10:33 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hey there! Haha, yeah she closed that shop now (The Anime Seamstress) because it became tiring to work by herself. But it was fun while it lasted, and we met a lot of friends too.

Actually I think that sister of mine is using some of my socks. Heheh. Pero I got to use them when I went there last summer.

:-P (licking my chest. Heheh!)

3:23 PM

Blogger vlado&toni said...

hi there , you have a very interesting blog and nice pictures too- read your entries from last year --may to october..(will be back again some time soon for the rest ) learned a bit more about your food entries too- was in stockholm for a short visit last march
wow, i admire you for learning how to bike.. naku, that's been my goal for so many years now.. my husband wants to throw that bike away.. in case you're wondering who am i. eh i just landed here while going through a blogroll of my friend...you're not on her blogroll but apparently your blog friend is on it. ay naku. that's how it is with blogs nowadays. you'll never know where you'll end.. till next time..

12:50 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hi Vlado&Toni, dropped by your blog earlier today!

4:08 PM


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