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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Count it on my list of firsts

Yep, sailing! First time this year, and first time for me.

As a preparation for next week's midsummer events, Marcus and I helped Göran take his boat Magistri out from Herstadberg near the city Norrköping out to the bay and to Arkösund which lies in the archipelago. Since learning how to swim is still in my list of things to do, my excitement was understandably mixed with some nervous feelings about accidentally slipping and falling into the water, or the boat capsizing -- either one I was assured would not happen. But still...

It didn't help when the motor unexpectedly stopped about 15 minutes into the trip, ominously about as many minutes it took before the battleship Vasa (which I wrote about earlier here) sank near the shores of Stockholm! Absorbed in my fantasies of calling the emergency number and having to be hauled out of the bay by a rescue team, I had completely forgotten that the boat could run on sails. Haha!

The afternoon turned out great anyway, and eventually became a "real" sailing trip instead of cheating by motor :-) I was even comfortable enough by the middle of the trip to help with changing the directions of the sails, and I could hold my camera up even when the boat leaned on its side whenever a turn was made. Or perhaps the confidence came from the beers. At any case, I enjoyed it so much that I actually felt a bit cheated when we finally reached our destination (though I never thought I would feel that!) Well, more of that experience on midsummer, I hope. And all the more motivation to finish Juanita before summer ends!

More pictures, and descriptions of them in my album here. Goodnight for now!


Blogger Ishtar said...

Sounds like a very successful adventure!

10:08 AM

Anonymous KG said...

omg! I am soo jealous! When I was there, Goran was working on the Magistri with Marcus. I was sooo scared climbing up that boat. I totally thought I was going to slip and fall. I am so jealous and I hope I can get there when Juanita rolls on out to the sea! (or river, or lake) PS. Don't forget the life vest

7:15 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Ishtar: yeah, not a bad story for a first!

Kristine: Yes, I wish you were there with us! I thought about you all the time since I knew it was one of the things you were looking forward to in Sweden, and tried to imagine what you would have said when we suddenly stopped in the middle of the bay, haha! ("omg! my jury duty!")

Next time, make your visit summer instead of spring! (Just bring your boss a good Swedish souvenir in return, heheh). ;-) That is, if we don't get there first. Heh heh. (but not by boat BTW)...

:-) Joy

12:09 AM

Anonymous pj said...

Joy! finally, you went sailing. :D Like I said before, I've always wanted to go sailing, but here it's always been a rich people/elite sport that I've never really had the chance to try. I'm so glad you enjoyed it (and even managed to forget to worry about the lack of swimming skills!) :)
I'm not on meebo/YM that often anymore since classes have started, but I do hope I catch you again. Have been in a senti mood lately. :P also have a lot of first-time teacher stories to tell!

4:35 PM

Blogger vlado&toni said...

wow,that's wonderful.. wish i could learn how to sail too..maybe in my next lifetime :)

8:29 PM


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