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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter waterland!

Finally, we have snow that stays. It was "record-cold" for this season today, despite it being "only" -6.5 C degrees out. (Last year in early February, the record was -15). Still, the temperature is enough to be uncomfortable when walking out, especially when the wind blows. Although the cold in itself wasn't anything to look forward to, this is exactly the kind of weather we've been waiting for to go to...

...the local swimhall!

I took this picture from a magazine that reviews swimhalls all over Sweden. It's the adventure pool part of the Centralbadet, called "Oasis" and has, among other things: a rock-climbing wall, two slides, currents, a water-massage corner and a jacuzzi. It's so fun, you can even forget that all the plants there are made out of plastic. But more importantly, for a couple of hours, you can forget that it's winter outside.

The most interesting part of today's "swim"--I mostly dog-paddled and tried to keep my head above the surface--was being in the part of the pool that extended outdoors (picture below, from the Centralbadet website). The water there was surprisingly warm, creating a steam cloud that rose upwards into the crisp winter air. Anyway, as long as you keep your neck under the water, you can look at the snowy surroundings comfortably and without freezing, which I thought was really great. The air around was really cold though, as I found out when I stuck my hand out of the water. Otherwise, it was really pleasant to stay in the water and look at the white surroundings. If I were commissioned to make a "Visit Sweden" video, I would probably feature that as one of the "exotic" things to do.

The Centralbadet also has a kiddie pool, a "usual" pool with diving boards, and three outdoor pools which are only open in the warm season (for obvious reasons). The whole complex also has a gym (which can be used freely if you at least have a 10-time card--I'll have to check it out one of these days), a little eatery, and a relaxation area that is currently under construction. Can't wait for that one to open BTW, since they've been boasting about it since the autumn. Maybe they ran out of funds, heheh.

P.S. This morning, Marcus read a news feature on "the average middle-aged Swede". According to this report, an average Svenne had a house and two kids, is slightly overweight, and his household eats an average of 1.5 kilos of candy and sweet buns per week! Couldn't help thinking about this as I surveyed the other swimhall-goers in their trunks and bathing suits... There is no moral lesson to this story, though: we went out for a kebab after swimming and bought a box of chocolates at the nearby Lidl (all eaten as I write this). Dosn't swimming make one hungry? ... Excuses, excuses! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. you're in sweden and i'm in singapore!

exchange links, anyone?

how did you get there and what are you doing now and...oh goodness. antagal na. :)

10:49 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

hi Gabs! I've added you to my list :-)

3:21 PM


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