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Monday, January 08, 2007

Home again

I'm back from Germany with a boxful of chocolate (thanks Liz and Rob!), Christmas gifts from home (thank you lovely folks!), and--unfortunately--a cold. During the past days, my cold has progressed from the coughing-and dry-throat phase to now having phlem and a runny nose, and I'm also hoarse in my voice from time to time. Sniff!

The last days in Germany were comfortable--like bumming around at home, but being in a different place. Mostly, we played GTA at the Playstation, snooped around Liz and Rob's enormous candy stash, then helped them with jiggling the baby when they cooked.

The activities may not sound like much, but already on the afternoon of returning to Sweden, we had a Germany-nostaligia. Where's the Playstation? Where are the beer and sausages? This calls for a trip to Lidl (the German grocery chain)!!

Eventually, we downloaded all the GTA San Andreas missions, the GTA soundtrack (which is really good background music!), and shopped for German beer at Lidl to make a "Radler"-- That's beer with a small amount of 7-Up or Sprite, which Germans drink after exercise instead of Coke. I guess you can call it the German sports drink (Radler means a bicyclist). More info on the drink here. Anyway, we had some of this while snacking on peanuts and sausages yesterday night, and I reminded myself of my own dad :-)

On an unrelated note, here are some interesting foodstuff in the German groceries. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of these! :-D

Believe it or not, that's just a big hunk of fat!

Just bear-shaped sausages, not made out of little bears as we first thought :-)

...And for the gigantic foodstuff series...

Yep! Giant wasabi, a gigantic slice of cheese, and an extra large square of Ritter Sport! Hooray!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joy! Guess what, my husband Mike and I met these two Swedish tourists who are from Norrkoping. They're actually staying at Mike's parents' house right now. I told them I knew someone living in Sweden and showed them the page from your blog with the map of your bike tour and they exclaimed, "That's our city!!!"

In case you ever bump into them their names are Oskar and Sara. :) They have a lot of friends at the Norrkoping campus of Linkoping University.

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed you the link you asked for. :)

4:37 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Heheh... small world :-) Thanks for the link! Checked it out yesterday.

8:13 PM


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