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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fourteen plus seven

Nijmegen, 28 January 2006

I browsed through some old pictures, as I sometimes do, and I found this picture of me from the end of January seven years ago. It was taken at Nijmegen Station, on route to Weeze, on route to Nyköping, on route to Norrköping.

A month before this, I was nervous for a talk I had booked with the MA administrator in Utrecht.  I wanted to take my thesis to Linköping and graduate there. I wasn't sure if the scholarship rules allowed this. My study plan indicated that I was going to spend until June in Holland. And according to my own plans before the scholarship, I would go back home to QC and probably land a comfortable job with my MA in the bag. My life seemed neat and planned out.

I had to explain to the administrator that I had met a guy and the two of us were in love. We've been commuting for months but I now wanted to stay where he was and move in. I was so anxious that the administrator would say no to a student babbling about big romance. Then he said that he  fell in love with a woman, more or less at first sight, and was now was married to her for 14 years. He'd tell the others that approved my move to give two people in love a chance.

I'll never forget that. It sounds like one of those romantic comedy stories that only happens to people when they're young and free. But it's a nice story; that's why I want to re-tell it.

So Sweden became my home from end of January 2006 and I moved in with Marcus and we lived happily ever after, until death did us part.  I am not a flag-waving type, but I will be imagining waving a small Swedish flag in my head today (and of course it will be beside a Philippine flag, in case people are wondering!) to mark this move which opened eventful chapters in my life – big and small chapters, as well as sad and happy ones.

I think about time flying fast a lot, just like when people see their kids and realize that their babies are growing up to be men. A lot of things do happen but some things also stay the same. That administrator is likely to now be married to his wife for 14 plus seven years. And I'm still writing a thesis in Linköping  – although a PhD thesis this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And were you also 21 when this photo was taken?

10:37 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Let's see... I was 22 turning 23 that year. So, that makes fourteen plus eight instead.

Who's asking?

9:39 AM


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