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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big world, small creatures

The cats were out without a leash today, under watch of yours truly, the Big Cat Momma. They occasionally answer calls to heel. All in independent cat fashion, of course, which means that they sometimes pretend not to hear.

Also on this weekend's exercise was to let them out by themselves over longer periods of time, and let them localize the front- and back- doors to the countryside house. Sometimes I call them back inside, and surprisingly, this works a lot of the time. They seem to be fine right now; something between cats and dogs. They even wait by the cat carrier when it's time to go home. Maybe they will bark soon.

Today I also made them a cat ladder, which may find its way into the apartment but is right now in the balcony.

Boy, have I had dilemmas on whether I should keep these creatures. But obviously, I have a soft spot, and it looks like this might work.



Jigsaw puzzle


Anonymous Ingrid said...

Hello Joy, Just discovered your blog. Very touching your lovely cats. I love reading blogs and yours is interesting: personal and about Sweden. My brother just emigrated to Sweden near Sundsvall. Sweden is a country with so much nature you can dissappear in it if you want to. This year I will visit Sweden and I try to learn some 'Svenska'. Love languages. Please continue writing. Greetings from Amsterdam. Ingrid

1:06 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej Ingrid! Thanks for the comment. Nice to know people still read blogs nowadays (and comment!) in the time of Facebook :-) I'm in my hometown for vacation and will write about the Philippines for the next two more weeks. But I will continue to write about Sweden as well, when I come back home. It's impossible not to write ;-) Ciao for now and good luck with Swedish! /Joy

1:04 PM


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