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Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, lookie!

Imelda Marcos was in yesterday's Dagens Nyheter crossword puzzle. She's holding a pair of shoes, of course:
(The sign behind the shoes read "look out Cory. Here she comes.")

Wala lang. I'm not a Marcos loyalist (though we did visit two of their mansions during our Philippines trip two years ago – one was built just to hold the guests for their daughter's wedding), but this just reminded me of the two things Swedes know about the Philippines: (1) Imelda and her shoes, (2) That Filipinos fight with knives (!?!)... What a reputation!

Oh yes, I couldn't solve the crossword to save my life (even if it wasn't at the hardest level), so don't ask me what the solution to the picture was.


Anonymous Lara said...

we fight with knives? oh my, what a reputation! you should move to finland, where they think better of us. they seem fascinated about the country where their former ms universe winner settled. they kept asking me, "do u know armi kuusela? he married a filipino."

7:46 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yeah! Weird huh. I think they might have watched something on arnis or kalimasada or something like that. Plus something about sailors carrying knives. Or a show about Tondo. Beats me :-)

I didn't know that about their Ms. Universe! I better google her. Haha.

8:11 AM


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