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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I figured that lentil soup (which was supposed to be up next in the backblog) wasn't exactly festive enough for an Easter day post, so instead I am posting a recipe of some goodies I made in time for Easter. Told you that cooking was one of the things I've been doing during my quarantine period! I'm better now though, which means (unfortunately?) that I will have to go back working on my thesis soon.


Chocolate goodies I made on Maundy Thursday. I used the leftover chocolate block from Marcus' chocolate cake to make these.

Easy peasy, actually. I was inspired both by a leaflet I got from Coop (a Swedish grocery chain) where these were ludicrously called "energy bars", and a Filipino recipe I found at Pinoycentric for knackerli, supposedly a traditional Swiss confection. The dried mangoes and desiccated coconut were supposed to be the Filipino touches, in case you missed it ;-)

100 g dark chocolate (the Coop recipe recommends 125, but I was short)
about 1.5 deciliters of the following:
chopped hazelnuts
dried mango cubes (available at some specialty shops here; they're not as good as the Filipino ones)
desiccated coconut (kokosflingor – could also be slightly roasted in a dry pan before use)

Melt the chocolate bits in a water bath, then mix in all the other ingredients. Transfer to a wax-paper lined dish and let cool in the refrigerator, where it will solidify after about 10 minutes. Break the patty into pieces, and gorge on your um, "energy bars"!

Pineapple cake

Recipe taken from A Cat in the Kitchen and decorated with Easter-chicken candy (close up below)

I followed the author's recipe but found that I needed 35-40 minutes to bake this, and not 25-25 as stated in her site. I suppose this was because I used a deeper form. Since I didn't have a 4-deciliter form, I used a loaf pan and made a wall of aluminum foil in the pan's center (to make it shorter somehow). The result of this improvisation wasn't too bad. After cutting about half an inch of the baked cake on it's sloping foil-side, it almost even looks symmetric! :-)

3 T sugar
1 egg
1.5 deciliters (0.6 cups) plain flour
50 g (a little less than 1/4 cup) butter
1/2 t baking soda (note, not baking powder)
100 ml (small can) well-drained crushed pineapple
icing sugar to powder on the cake before serving

Melt some butter. Beat the egg and sugar with an electric beater until white and fluffy, then fold the butter in, followed by the flour, baking soda, and finally the pineapple. Pour into a buttered mould and bake in 170 C until a toothpick comes out clean (somewhere between 20-25 or 30-45 minutes, depending on your form). Let cool and dust with icing sugar before serving.

Deviled eggs

They are said to get their name from the hot spices used on them.

Lastly, here's a recipe for something not sweet, for a change. In Sweden, Easter lunch is not traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday but on Holy Saturday, so these eggs were actually yesterday's appetizers. I've actually always wanted to try making deviled eggs, but since I've never even tasted one, I surfed for a lot of recipes before settling for a mix containing:

dried chili flakes
minced onion
Dijon mustard
paprika and parsley to garnish

I found a really good way of boiling eggs, but maybe that can wait until I make an egg-themed food journal or something. Also, there were a lot of interesting recipes for deviled eggs (with wasabi or vinegar and stuff), but I settled for something simple so I'd actually be able to predict what they'd taste like. They're actually good, just as I predicted! (wink!) ... I wouldn't have written about them otherwise, I guess ;-) I think the onions are a must though – they really changed the texture of an otherwise blah egg yolk mix. I also started by putting just a small amount of the liquid ingredients, and added more to get the yolks in a "just right" consistency. I then spooned them back into the whites using a very small teaspoon, and... my point finger (no health and safety inspectors around in our kitchen!). By the way, on consistency: I don't think there's an excuse for runny dumpy deviled eggs like the ones I saw in many other foodie blogs... Seriously, you wouldn't eat them even if the host swore they were good.

Because mine turned out right, that made my Hol-y Saturday :-) Get it? Hehehe...

Happy Easter!!!


Anonymous pj said...

hi Joy! Happy Easter! :) Looks like you had quite the spread. Regards to Marcus.

11:52 PM

Anonymous lea said...

hi Joy! you were wearing the blouse i sent over :) thanks!!! glad you like it!! wish i'd have time to cook all the stuff you did....ho well....miss you!! love and kisses!

2:48 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Miss you too Lea! :-) Yeah I wear that blouse pretty often, so you know what to get me when you go here. Haha! ;-) Just kidding. Mwah!

9:47 AM

Blogger aka Cheryl said...

naks joy, ganda ng arm(s) mo, toned! :F

1:18 AM

Blogger aka Cheryl said...

that's a Dvorak smiley, btw. (joke lang, haha. wrong pindot ng keyboard is all)

1:20 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Haha! That's not even flexed... Just kidding!!! :-D Actually they already shrank after I haven't been able to practice kendo for a while and I stopped gym-ing. But what the heck. Thanks anyway that you noticed! Hahaha! :-F ("Dvorak" smiley)

9:35 AM


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